John Wayne Parr vs. Jun Kim – 2007 K-1 Khan

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John Wayne Parr vs. Jun Kim – 2007 K-1 Khan

Published on August 02, 2007 with 8 Comments

So here is the 2nd video coming out of Korea, for your viewing pleasure. As always thanks to WeLoveKamatari for sharing and keeping us entertained.

I’ve started to upload these fights onto my stage6 page. For those of you who aren’t familiar, it’s divx’s viral video play. You’ll need to download the divx plugin if you don’t already have it. Trust me it’s worth it, the video quality is great. I would embed the player into my blog, but it always ends up breaking the page. So you can find a higher quality version of this fight here.

All I’ve got to say is… Kim can take an ass whooping! For those of you who don’t know John Wayne Parr was originally supposed to fight Sinbi Taewoong. Sinbi busted up his wrist, and had to pull out of the fight 3 days prior to the event. Kim, who’s training out of Sinbis’s camp, stepped up to fill the roll.

When I was at Sinbi I remember watching him work the pads, and thinking to myself this guy’s good. I’m really surprised at the whooping he took though, guys got a pretty thick skull. A couple time’s I was pretty sure he wasn’t getting up.

Another thing… what’s up with the Korean audience? Place was dead… are Korean’s generally reserved people? Seems like every time I turn on the TV their students are always rioting… Place was eerily quiet.

Check out this clip Parr posted, pretty nasty. He’s lucky the ref didn’t stop the fight…It’s a nasty cut.

Anyone else catch the fact that Parr speaks or at least understands Thai? I guess it shouldn’t surprise me really; dude did live there for a while. His corner kept shouting out instructions in Thai.

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  1. Yikes I can’t believe that guy kept getting up. I noticed that quiet crowd as well. I didn’t see a good crowd shot, and thought the place may be almost empty.

  2. btw the video on your other site is outstanding. Takes a while to load, but worth the wait.

  3. Damn Dude is tough with lots of heart. I thought Japanese crowds were quiet.

  4. I thought this fight was actually a little boring. It looked like Parr doing bag work the entire time. Maybe that’s why the crowd was so sedate.

  5. Man parr is a great fighter, I didn’t like him at first because I his attacks were off balance but he seem to have gotten better, as for the other fighter I though he was good too.

  6. JWP ran straight through Jun Kim. did anyone notice when the doctor was going to clean his cut with a bloody towel? Parr is like “hell no”. by the way, JWP can speak/understand Thai very well from what I was told

  7. Parr pretty much had his way with Kim. What a tough fucking fighter that Jun Kim is! Is MT not that popular in Korea anymore? I remember KOMA shows. Hot stuff!

  8. Kim trains at Sinbi and was preparing for K-1 next year by staying at the camp training alongside Sing for a year (I was there training with him a a litle over a month ago). He is an awesome guy, to pick up a fight like that on such short notice against such a high caliber fighter I believe that he will do much better next time. FIGHTING KIM!!!!!!!!!!!

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