Interview with Pornsaneh Sitmonchai

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Published on November 16, 2011 with 7 Comments

What’s up MMT, I had to chance to sit down with one of MMT’s favorite Nak Muay Pornsaneh Sitmonchai the other week.  For those of you who’ve had the good fortune to spend sometime at Sitmonchai can attest that aka P’Neh is quite an affable character.  He’s the one of the sparkplugs that keeps the Sitmonchai  family firing on all cylinders.  He’s quite laid back but at the same time has a very outgoing and energetic vibe about him.

In between training, he took time out of his day to go over the finer points of leg smashing with the MMT tours guys and took us on an impromptu Sak Yant session.  I felt like he took it upon himself to look after us, which was far and beyond the call of duty.

Any how if you get a chance I would recommend you paying the Sitmonchai a visit.

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  1. Loving all these interviews with different fighters, really interesting little snapshots, thanks!

  2. Might have been my favorite interview so far (along with Khem’s)…..Pornsaneh seems like a very cool, fun and laid back individual. Love it!! Keep it goin, Nop! Sarm A is definitely a beast too and to have someone as experienced and good as Pornsaneh say that he watches him, really solidifies that fact. It seems like everyone idolizes Seanchai…even the best fighters out there, could he have ascended from the “fighter of the decade” moniker to the “best of all times” yet??

    On that note I’m gonna go watch Pornsaneh’s last leg kick KO vid to prepare myself for today’s training lesson. Cheers!

  3. Great interview, love how Porsaneh’s name on the closed captions is Porn hahaha nice

  4. I noticed that too, Huggy Bear!

    Seems to really like fighting type pastimes- Pacman and fighting cocks. Game cocks are really big in Asia though.

  5. awesome interview as per usual.

    man i wish i was more fluent in thai.

  6. Thanks Nop,
    im a big fan of Pornsaneh,


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