Interview with Nuttadej Vachirarattanawong


If your a muay thai fan, you should familiarise yourself with Nuttadej aka “Boat”.  He’s a new generation of camp owner and promoter who’ll be shaping and transforming our beloved sport in Thailand, taking it into the future.

It sounds a bit over the top but it’s true.  Muay Thai has gone through loads of changes over the decades.  From it’s heydays in the mid 80’s to it’s new found popularity with the public that’s currently going on.  Where is Muay Thai going? With Lumpini moving, and money being spent on promoting Thai Fight to the masses, where are we going?

It’s this new generation who’ll help steer and direct it’s course for the next 25 years.  As you can see “Boat” is a well spoken and articulate entrepreneur who’s passionate about our sport. As he mentioned he’s a bit of a Muay Thai legacy with his father being the main promoter at (petchyindee) at Lumpini for decades.

I think he’s got our back, Thai Fight is interesting for the masses, but muay thai fans are interested in seeing “real fights…” not fights where you already know the outcome…

I’m heading to Bangkok in a bit so I’ll try to get in an interview with him.  Many thanks to ChampboxingMagazine for the upload!


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