Inside the Fight Episode 3

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Published on March 06, 2012 with 23 Comments

Jeff Dojillo has done his latest installment of Inside the Fight. This episode covers  Kevin Ross vs. Sakkedao down in LA a bit ago. Enjoy guys! Props to Chad Hill for his awesome photo!

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  1. Nice! Good on Kevin Ross, seems like a nice bloke and is willing to step in with anyone. Doing great things for American Muaythai.

    *The Thai interpreting needs a little work though ;)

  2. there he [joe-i-got-JACKED-schilling] goes again…

    • there he (I don’t ever have anything positive to say about anyone because I am the master of the universe: SE) goes again. Thanks Poondaddy

      • i sincerely admire your loyalty.

        hugs to you always.

      • LOL..I could see both of you in a bar trying to out-talk smack to each other with a bottle of JW Black label

  3. kevin ross is a great fighter, but sometimes I think he rushes his career to much. Why not first beat some internationally known names and THEN fight a top-level Thai fighter. This way he can build a repuation for himself, which would help getting fights.

    Joe “what I earned in my last fight was a louzy” Schilling should fight a worthy opponent from Europe to prove himself. Beating Kaoklai was in my eyes not really an acclompishment as he was one head taller, and probably around fifteen kilos heavier.

    • I deffinitley understand where you are coming from Surin, it was never really about rushing my career, from day one it was always jsut about taking the fights that come my way and always looking to fight people better then me, is it the smartest or safest way? Of course not, but I wouldn’t be where I’m at today if I was looking for the safe, career buliding, fights all the time. But yes I deffinitley agree with you, thanks!

      • Nice to get a response from the man himself! I really think you can be up there with the best of European fighters (and Thai fighters as well). I think people would want to know you here if they have seen you fight. I guess your a loyal guy, but did you never think about joining a bigger gym (in Holland for instance)? You would get fights very often I think, and you could also stay loyal to FTR.

        • what’s FTR?

          • I think he means Full Rules M.T.

      • Im waiting to see you on,”Its Showtime” fights sometime soon.With your punching ability I could see you demolishing some faces over there.

        I think those dancing girls might distract you a little though.

  4. I am thinking probably because his is maximizing his window of opportunity. Not like these guys are springchickens like we accustomed to seeing in BKK, i think Kevin even started MT in mid-twenties. Window opens..take it..wont come again in life…win or lose its a chance to learn and improve. PLus now the hope is he can get fights with some of these international guys on a regular basis after the exposure.
    Hey its filling seats now and we all revved up; I think the next generation of fighters coming up the ranks may have the luxury of planning their career, though, Surin

    • You are right. I just have the feeling he’s not getting the maximum out of his career, since he is a great fighter. Hope he will fight Liam Harrison. that will surely open windows. Any plans for that?

      • yes there’s been talks of it for a few years now, just a matter of it getting set, I know that we are both up for it so hopefully it will come together

  5. These videos are great, except for the inclusion of Joe Schilling.

    • Don`t knock the guy too badly, its just one event. I don`t agree with certain things that transpired, but he is passionate about what he does, and works hard for it and sometimes that`s how it shakes out.

      • lol Joe “50% of the time it works every time” Schilling is a good boxer but says some of the most nonsensical shit..

        • Exactly, he says dumb stuff all the time.

          “Nobody can argue that those are the best Thai’s in there weight class, they are.” Just 1 of his many overstatements based on ignorance.

          Maybe Kaoklai is the best at his weight, but that’s not saying much. He made it sound like he just beat an elite Thai. Langsuanlek on the other hand isn’t top 30 or 40 at his weight. He was only there because the Sasiprapa guy had some pull.

          • Well Saketdao and Saenchai are definitely two of the top boxers from Thailand. Funniest part about that statement to me is that they fight in the same weight class, so they can’t BOTH be the best lol. Anyway it was a good show with good fights. I’ve watched Kevin’s fight with Saketdao several times just out of appreciation for the contrasting styles. There’s no top Thais at Schilling’s weight but it would be nice to see him fight Levin or have a rematch with Marcus, like I said I think he is a good fighter. Langsuanlek is not close to the best at his weight but he is a good fighter and was winning that fight until Romie found that uppercut. Was a good match regardless.

  6. levin would smash Joe-all my eggs in the first round-Schilling for sure.

  7. Aaaaand the verdict is in – joe schillings appeal to have the result of his fight with marcus overturned and deemed ‘no contest’ has been DENIED! A good end to my day….

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