Holzken vs. Mes


Wow, does anyone feel like making a bet? To be honest I think that’s the first time I’ve seen advertising like that in a fight.

[dailymotion x5cu5h&v3=1&colors=background:DDDDDD;glow:FFFFFF;foreground:333333;special:4F4628;&related=1]

How much would you do it for? I’m cheap I’d probably take $5k… Anyway I think the last time I covered Nicky was back when he was fighting Buakaw. I think he’s got some work before he’s ready for the final 8. This was from last weeks K-1 Amsterdam.

Dutch kickboxing make’s me wince… so many damn leg kicks. I think Holzken must have eaten at least a dozen inside leg kicks. I’m a big puss though…I would have gone down after about 2 of them. I don’t even like it when I smack my toes with the Thai heavy ropes.

That’s a nasty kick though… I’ve never been hit with a heal, but I imagine if I did I wouldn’t remember it.


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