Goodbye Lumpini


This has been news for a couple of months now, but the post has just published an article with some of the details…

Lumpini stadium has been home to Muay Thai since the late 50’s…it’s where the best of the best nak muay have come for decades to fight for the chance to become stadium champion.

For those of you who’ve been, you would agree it’s got character.  Part thunder dome, part bullring, it’s sheltered under a corrugated tin roof.  During the monsoons, water pours in; during the summer the place is a sweatbox…

photo by michael lapalme

It’s time is up and the powers that be are moving the stadium… it promises to be air-conditioned and shiny and new.

The problem is, it’s in the middle of nowhere.  Who’s going out there?  Ok, you’ve got the hardcore gamblers, who’re ruining the sport… their sort of a built in audience, the punters will go to where the action is…

photo by michael lapalme

You’ve got the tourists… with their ridiculous ringside pricing these are the people that really keep the lights on… are they going?  I doubt it.  Lumpini was pretty damn accessible, take the sky train or the MRT, and you’re a couple of mins away.  Tuk Tuk, taxi whatever… it’s central you get the picture.  I don’t see people heading north of the city out of curiosity, or they’ll have to be lied to…

photo by michael lapalme

You’ve got Muay Thai enthusiasts like us… we’ll go right?  Personally, I plan on catching a lot more muay thai at Rajadomnern… It’s a ball ache and a half to get to Ram Intra if you’re central, with Friday traffic?  Sorry, not going to happen.  Raja is going to be booming for the next couple of years.  They’re going to be picking up the tourist, and enthusiast traffic no problem.

I hope I’m wrong, I hope the stadium does well…  what are you guys planning on doing?  Thoughts?


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