Glory 5


This past weekend Adrian I headed to the Excel Arena in London to check out Glory 5.  Glory 5 is part of the Glory World Series,  a premier stand up fighting league.  They’ll be holding events all over the world.  The next events Glory 6 will be held in Istanbul and Glory 7 in Milan.

Before I forget I would like to thanks fellow MMT member Adrian Tsang taking such great pics.

As you can imagine, the Event was well attended and had a very high production value.  I wasn’t able to move around to get  any behind the scene footage or interviews.  Adrian was shooting from ringside and I was confined to my little press box.

There are a fair few nak muay who are competing in Glory, the rules allow for, catches, limited clinch and knees, and no elbows.  This rules tend to are fairly well suited to western nak muay.  The rounds are quick 3×3 min rounds, so no slow starts, loads of action and the start of the bell.

Glory’s put the entire event up, which you can watch online here.(payment required)

I was looking forward to seeing how our brothers would fare against the kick boxers.

Wakeling and Eddie Walker-

You can watch the full fight here,(payment required) but it’s a pretty bad mismatch.  Walker has fought for about 5 years, I’ not sure about how many fights he has but he just isn’t on the level of Wakeling.


I would need to watch the footage again but I’m fairly certain that he might of checked about 1-2% of Wakeling’s leg kicks.  In the end, he just got chopped down.

Liam Harrison vs. Mosab Amrani

You can watch the full fight here. (payment required)

This was the bout I was most looking forward to… both of these guys are incredibly aggressive, I was going to end badly for one of these guys.

To my astonishment, and I think 90% of the arena, it ended all too soon.  I was a but shocked to see Liam get hit with a solid liver shot and not recover.  Anway congrats to Mosab for the well timed shot.  I think these guys have a chance to meet again in the upcoming months.

Jordan Watson vs. Steve Moxon

You can watch the full fight here. (payment required)

This was going to be another war.  This was a bit of the boxer vs. the nak muay.  Moxon who’s also a pro boxer is capable of dropping bombs. Watson did a great job utilising his kicking range and landed several heavy, well timed kicks to match moxons right over hand. As soon as they were in clinch range Jordan would clinch him up and rattle of knees in succession.  It was a thing of beauty.


For those of you who missed it, I would recommend that you get out to the next show.  Hopefully these guys will be putting on a show near you…




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