Gina Carano

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Gina Carano

Published on February 15, 2007 with 11 Comments

Fellas meet Gina Carano… Gina is a Nak Muay with a 12-1-1 record. I think she’s mainly doing MMA now. She started training at Toddy’s Muay Thai in Vegas and was fighting about six months after that.

Gina Carano

I’m officially naming myself the President of the Gina Carano nuthugger club. Why am I into tough women? Honestly am I on the fringes? Is this bordering on fetish territory? Initially I thought yeah she’s attractive, but after seeing clips of her fighting I’m like damn she’s fine. I’m thinking about doing the top 10 hottest women in Muay Thai but I really not up on it. If you guys would like to nominate anyone I’ll gladly take your submissions.

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  1. She’s probabbly 3 weight classes higher than she should be just because of her cans.

  2. Gina, Angela Parr, Keri Taylor and Sarah Ponce.

  3. Can i be the VP?? haha I met her after some MT fights in Vegas (about 2 years ago) and damn she’s HELLA cool and of course beautiful. We must clone her. Move over Mia Hamm, here’s Gina.

  4. Nop, its not as weird as your previous fascination with those 230 pd. bodybuilding chicks that also did the amateur wrestling. I never quite got that, but glad you moved on..

    Ernesto, I am already VeePee. How about Treasurer..? I agree on all fronts, she is bad ass and super, super hot. She will usher in women’s MMA for sure. Hmm… her vs. Keri Taylor? That makes my head hurt.

  5. of course…what have I been saying all along!? FIGHTER BABES ROCK!

  6. Ness.. make sure to invite your girls to the Fairtex smoker tomorrow so we can all grab drinks after.

  7. Gina Carano is the TOTAL package !!!!
    One hell of a fighter we love her !!!!

  8. Josh, you’re an idiot, stop talking about her cans and let the girl kick ass. It’s guys like you that piss me off.

  9. be pissed and have a nice day

  10. When is Gina’s next Vegas fight? She’s no joke, her fighintg technique is nuts.

  11. She’s pretty much been sticking to MMA as of late. She has been fighting for Strike Force this past year. Just honestly no money in Muay Thai for wmoen at this point.

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