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It looks like the people at Elite boxing are getting behind .   a traditional fighting art from Myanmar.  Like Muay Thai, some aspects of have been changed in order to make it a ring “sport”, despite this It looks like this off shoot is sticking to tradition… opting for wrapped hands instead of traditional boxing gloves.

From this promo clip it looks like they’re playing up the fact that you can slam your opponents.  According to wikipedia, the rules states that if a boxer is knocked out they’re revived and given an option to continue the bout… brutal.  Doesn’t sound like those rules are going to be used in States anytime soon.

I’m not sure what eliteboxing is trying to do, if they are going to be actively promoting matches or if they’re attempting to sell old finds from Mynamar.  The Burmese have had a very tumultuous history.  It appears their government has noticed the popularity of Muay Thai in Thailand, with an international audience.  They’ve been making efforts to market it internationally.

Has anyone trained in Myanmar?  Has anyone participating in a Lethwei style bout?

You can buy a stream or download? of the fights from the eliteboxing website.


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  1. Are they allowed to go to the ground?

  2. Throwing yourself face down on the ground is a valid defense in Lethwei.

  3. Is the headbutt allowed?

    • Yep, head-butts are allowed… which really changes clinch dynamics!

      The knockout, revive and continue rules are the same as the old Muay Thai Kad Cheuak fights.

  4. I am no fan of the Burmese/Myanmar government but I’ve always been interested in their national sport. I haven’t seen much footage of it with this amount of ‘modern’ quality, so that would be very cool too me if they had more high quality bouts like the ones featured in this video. So, if that is what ‘Fistwar’ is trying to do, I am all for it.

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