Fists of Pride documentary


I’m not sure if I’ll ever get a hold of this, but I would love to watch it.  It seems universal, all over the world stepping into the ring provides a way for those with nothing to make something of themselves.  The common denominator and motivator is that they are poor.  Not I can’t have the latest trainers poor, but my family doesn’t eat poor.

“I get scared just before the match…When I’m in the ring I’m not afraid anymore, because we get injured together”

For those of you who’ve been to rural Thailand, you’ve seen how poor that can be… How could you get much poorer then that?  Apparently you add Burmese kids to the mix.  Not only is this kid fighting for survival, but add the fact that he’s an outsider to the mix.  Looks like a powerful piece of film making.

Here’s an interesting clip of the film maker Helene Choquette talks about the difficulties of finding a translator and not knowing what these kids are saying until post production.

[youtube VTeITL7s8bE]


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