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Props to Matt for sending this one along…   There are a lot of crowd funding sites popping up all over the place. The one I’m most familiar with is

The sites allow small independent groups the ability to receive funding (micro payments) from individuals.  Payments/donations/investments can be as low as $10.  is the first site I’ve seen dedicated to professional fighters.  Ever want to spend the year training in Thailand?

 So how does it work,  a fighter sets up a funding campaign.  “I want $2000 to help me pay for my training fee’s in Thailand”  The fighter sets a campaign end date.  Fighters can then post this on their website, fbook, etc.  You get the idea. acts as the intermediary, so you money essentially sits in escrow.

Anyone can contribute to a fighters “Campaign” as little as $10, if the funds aren’t raised by the end of the campaign date, then the project doesn’t get funded, and the contributors money is returned.

So you asking yourself as a funder what do I get out of this?  Like being a philanthropist isn’t enough…  So each fighter can create a reward… for a certain amount they may put your name on their fight shirt, they may thank you on their website, put your logo on their fight shorts?    You get the idea.

I think it’s a fantastic idea and I hope it takes off.  So if you’re a pro and looking for funding options, this might be something viable for you.


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