Farwell Lumpinee


This past Friday the stadium hosted it’s last night of fights.  The new stadium has been moved to the outskirts of Bangkok to the Ram Intra area of Bangkok.  For those of you who remember Don Muang Airport, the new stadium is about 10K or 15 min ride from the Don Muang Domestic airport.  You can view a map here. New shows begin today… would love pics from people who are attending shows this week.

It’s an end of an era… Lumpinee has been hosting fights since 1956.  Personally I’m sorry to see it go, but oh well things change… does the place need an overhaul? Probably, but I think the place has got a lot of personality.  Part of the charm of the place is that it looks like it’s out of mad max, but maybe those are my western sensibilities kicking in…


Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 15.31.34.jpg

Photograph by Cedric Arnold 

This picture is by an incredibly talented photographer named Cedric Arnold.  You can view his shots from the evening here.  I love this pic…

I’ll be posting the match ups from that night over this week.  See you at the new stadium!





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