Farid Villaume vs. Yodsanklai Fairtex


Get it while it’s hot… many thanks to luckycharms for posting.

Part I

[youtube WoNBqvMZ8Io]

Part II

[youtube RJOY5GpgnB0]

I guess there wasn’t any tension between Yod and Rafik during the Contender Asia…  I’m impressed with Farid’s speed.  I know the guy is a legit Nak Muay but it was surprising to see how many of Yods kicks he was able to slip.

I don’t think he has nearly the power Yod has in his hands though.  Those body shots were savage.  I found myself clutching my soft gut after he dropped the second bomb on Farid.  The other fights that evening were also pretty good from what I gather.  I’ll get those up as soon as I can get a hold of them.


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