Farid Villaume vs. Yodsanklai Fairtex


Get it while it’s hot… many thanks to luckycharms for posting.

Part I

[youtube WoNBqvMZ8Io]

Part II

[youtube RJOY5GpgnB0]

I guess there wasn’t any tension between Yod and Rafik during the Contender Asia…  I’m impressed with Farid’s speed.  I know the guy is a legit Nak Muay but it was surprising to see how many of Yods kicks he was able to slip.

I don’t think he has nearly the power Yod has in his hands though.  Those body shots were savage.  I found myself clutching my soft gut after he dropped the second bomb on Farid.  The other fights that evening were also pretty good from what I gather.  I’ll get those up as soon as I can get a hold of them.


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  1. Fucking WOW! That was impressive. Yod just freaking demolished him, in his home town, in front of his home crowd, with his own crappy modified rules.

    I was impressive with how many high kicks he slipped, though, too. But Yod just had so many weapons. He made that first match almost look like a fluke.

  2. Thank you for quick posting!
    Yod is great. He looks bigger and stronger then ever.
    If he gets up more kg, then we will be able to see him beat the shit out of Tyrone Spong. :)

  3. Slayer, “Yod just freaking demolished him, in his home town, in front of his home crowd, with his own crappy modified rules. ” WTF????….French people love Thai fighters as much if not more than French fighters and even though this only Yod second trip to France as mentioned by one of the commentators…he is very popular. What crappy modified rules are you talkin about?

    Cap0, 98% of Muay Thai fights are commented in a language other than “English”…most are Thai, Japanese, Dutch, French, Koreans.

    Bunzy, Farid landed a shitload of Low Kicks…watch the fight again. Farid and Yod are both very technical fighters but as Tong Po mentioned Yod overpowered Farid, plain and simple.

    GOOD Fight! Thanx Nop and Thanx LuckyCharms!

  4. Spydaman, I wasn’t attacking the French per se. I’m saying that it wasn’t fought under full Muay Thai rules. The ref definitely said “no elbows” in the prefight instructions. I believe he also said something about no clinching and/or kneeing to the head as well.

    You would have to say that Yod has the biggest advantage under full Muay Thai rules, yet these “crappy modified rules” are more similar to K1, which favor the straight kickboxer than a nak muay.

    And when I spoke about Yod beating him in front of a French crowd, again, that’s not a dig on the French. Imagine if Farid went to Thailand and bet Yod at Lumpini under full Muay Thai rules. Wouldn’t you think that was a much more impressive accomplishment than hiim beating Yod in France or in some neutral location?

    I’m just saying that Yod many factors stacked against him, yet he just went in, made the necessary adjustments, and dominated. Like I said, that’s pretty damn impressive, and that’s why he’s one of the best, if not THE best, MT fighter in the world at his weight.

  5. I agree with everything that Slayer just said and plus it is well known that the french modified MT rules are somewhat sketchy (think of Samkor vs Montagne or to some degree even the first fight between Yod and Farid in my book Yod did enough to win it but hey…the judges decided it was a draw).

    Muay thai includes elbows and clinching otherwise its just a form of kickboxing. Period.

  6. from what i’ve seen yod thrives in kickboxing rules as do many of the fairtex fighters since that is where the money is. i think he will have more success than buakaw in k-1 if given the oppurtunity.

  7. ”The ref definitely said “no elbows” in the prefight instructions. I believe he also said something about no clinching and/or kneeing to the head as well.”

    The ref did say ‘no elbows’ but he NEVER said anything about the clinch or knees. He said no shots to the jewels, no shots to the back of the head, no shots when the other guy is down on one knee and no holding the ropes.
    Bottom line: This was MT with no elbows. It’s just that neither Farid nor Yod are particularly fond of clinch fighting.

  8. I should also add that although thai boxers do get great receptions from the *public in France*, the judging (in these Khebchy events at least) is very biased and the commentators are seriously on Farid’s nuts. It seems they just can’t help but praise everything Farid does, even if all his punches are blocked.

  9. Slayer, I agree wit everything u said, sorry for getting defensive, it did sound like u were attacking the French.
    Nop…hahaha….even though I do love baguettes…hahaah..( u crack me up man!)…I just got caught up wit a couple personal life changes…But it feels good to be back and it feels good to be acknowledged….lol.

  10. muay thai without elbows isn’t muay thai. it’s kickboxing. I remember Sakmongkon lost to Morad Sari while Sakmongkon was by far the better nak muay, but he lost under “french muay thai” rules. Thais who go to france to fight almost don’t know what they have to do to win. In thailand judges score different. this makes thai fighters so different from european ones.

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