Episode 9


Wow… big props to Benjozg for the upload. First of all badass episode. I just have to say something though, it used to annoy me when people would complain about the sound effects. Did you guys catch that training session? Is the sound of kicking and elbowing pads not dramatic enough? What’s up with that? A special appearance by Ole? You know he was like damn this should be me on this show…

[veoh v6412102gDdf98Sn]

I normally brush off the whole family element that The Contender series usual employs… but Dang, Yodsaenklai made my lip quiver… seriously these directors know how to get to you. I know that nearly all the Thai fighters are from very poor backgrounds, but to see him with his mom was nearly too much for me. I know it’s translated, but the power of what he’s saying to her seems to be diminished when it’s translated. Yod, just went up about 5 notches in my book.

Did you Bay Area peeps catch Michael Manaquil in this episode?

Fate is a bitch. That’s all I can say. I didn’t see that coming. If you ask me, he didn’t have his heart in it. He definitely didn’t have his head on right… Yod on the other hand went immediately for blood. I guess that’s why he’s wearing all the belts.



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  1. Not a fan of the drawer things. With some luck on the fighters side, the third to “worst” fighter could make it into the final. That would be a little anti-climatic to me. Hope they change it later, like brackets or something, then everyone could fill them out. or not.

  2. C’mon now…wut a coincidence that in the beginning of the episode you hear Yod talkin about how he would hate to have to fight Naruepol since they are from the same school….then when it’s time to pick out the fighters the two thais were the last ones to pick a drawer?? C’mon now, the last two drawer were the ones containing the Bhuddas?? Who pulled out JWP’s drawer??…Could it have been the same person who put the Buddah’s in there?? A lil too much of a coincidence if you ask me.

    Seems to me like people were tryin to make sure that the finals was not fought by 2 thais.

    Nop it would be interesting to have poll for people to guess who is gonna make it to the finals.
    I’m picking Yod and JWP (or possibly Soren).

  3. Nop,

    Agree about the family thing. It was kind of intense with Nueropol’s Dad crying too.

    But…you have me totally lost. Where was Mannequil?? You mention him and then go right into the Yod vs. Nueropol fight without mentioning Nueropol’s name. I don’t get what you are talking about. Please explain.

    Nueropol definitely was not into the fight. Those kicks were so half-hearted. Felt bad for him.


  4. Yod went in there to win and Nauropol didnt really know anything untill it was all over, It seemed like he didnt want to fight or he was very slow in getting started with his Attack and Defence….well damn his whole game plan. Could have been a better fight if they were from diff camps or what do you guys think.?
    Cool to see them with their loved ones, it humanises them Even more, could have been fun to see Raffik with his loved ones, maybe I would warm up to him.

  5. THE Machine (KEUNG JAK) on

    NOP, i thought that that was probably the most dramatic episode of the season. i really wanted naruepol and yod to fight in the finals. i also know where the thai fighters are comming from. my family is poor and from the philippines (3rd world country). naruepol didnt seem very confident from the point when he first found out that he was fighting yod to the first round bell. i really think that yod will win the entire competition.

  6. If you go back to the scene where they are explaining how the fight selection is going to work, look in between the hottie and stephen fox. It’s a photo of Mananquil doing the ram muay.

  7. a5yf k ….Thanx for comin through as usual/
    Frank I was hoping the same exact thing…that and Yod vs JWP.
    Horc I personally think that Zidov and JWP are the nicest guys on the show. JWP is always smiling…and Zidov is always crackin’ jokes. Gotta love them. Pitu was a really nice guy too.

  8. Spyda- JWP’s drawer didn’t have the buddha because he was sick and still contagious. There is no way the producers are going to risk the other fighters gettign sick and ruining the show.

    As for the Yod and Naruepol fight, my jaw hit the ground when I realized they were going to be fighting each other. It was too bad that Naruepol didn’t commit to the fight at all as it could have easily been an all out war for 5 rounds. Then again, I guess I would be the same way if I had to fight one of my best friends as well.

  9. Ofcourse Naruepol didnt want to fight Yod, he wouldnt want his camp mate(Yod) to be injured going to he final. Wise thing to do, if 1 of them could go to the final, that be good enough for Fairtex.

  10. I think both KoolGuy and Byron are right.
    I would hate to have to fight my friend (even though they knew it was gonna happen sooner or later in the finals..lol) but had the fight been in the finals I’m sure Naruepol would have went all out then….but seeing as they were forced to fight before ( I still think it was rigged)….then it makes sense to insure that one of them comes out the fight uninjured (Even though Yod did manage to catch Naruepol’s toe in the eye anyway).

  11. “I know it’s translated, but the power of what he’s saying to her seems to be diminished when it’s translated.”
    Is translation bad?

    Yods meeting, Naruepol’s meeting was really touching.
    Yodsaenklai really is the man. Funny, determined, respectful, loving… how could you not love this man.

    Nobody disappointed over Naruepol’s performance here? He showed nothing, just waiting to get KOed. I understand they are friends, but come on, they are professionals also. The only reasonable conclusions is what Yod said after the fight, he thought Nareupol was simply afraid. That’s the best explanation there is. Any thoughts?

  12. It was obvious from the begining that naurepol would be the one to give up if these two guyz met in the ring. It would not look interesting if these two fought in the finals and the next thing is yod has more chances of winning the finals comparitively.

  13. Gusnark
    It very well could be fear we see when Nauropol Freezes like that, and dont kick clinch and punch like a determined fighter. I see no other reason exept maybe some outlandish tatic where Nauropol just lets the punches land, but I really doubt that.
    I loved Nauropols father he was so proud and warm, wonder how the father takes the defeat. Cant wait for Episode 10 wow what a show.

  14. Spydaman
    I agree that the show kindda tells on it self if you notice the previous episodes that the fighting fighters always appears in Interviews in the Same Episode, but its all good.

  15. Dude nop i thought that i was the only one who got all girly about yod and his mom but dam..After i seen that yod went up like five notches in my book also that shit was real….

  16. Kookick this is where I no longer agree wit u. Had those two met in the ring in the finals….he would have no reason to not go all out as either way a Thai would be the winner of the show and I’m sure that’s all they really care about (asides from the money) Remember that in Thailand when a thai fights vs a farang, he representing his country and if he loses it’s as if Thailand lost. I might be wrong….but I might be right.

    Shadyeskimo, Naruepol scared???….Hardly….In addition to his 110 -41 record (including a win vs Numsaknoi) he’s a former Lumpini and Rajadomnern Stadium champion and he he’s the no.1 contender to challenge Nopadetch Choowattana for the WBC title. I don’t think Naruepol is afraid of anyone. Preacher froze when fighting Yod.

  17. Just a quick unrelated question. Are you guys on the K-1 forums?? I have tried to join but they said they need to send a confirmation emial to activate my account. I never got one and now when I try to log on or re register using the name and password I selected that the name and password has already registered. A big WTF??

    Anyway. Yeah, so I wasn’t feverish or anything during this episode and I still almost cried. Maybe I’m just a big emotional baby man. Either way, it was def. the greatest episode so far. I love all these guys on here, they are all so supportive and endearing.

  18. Spyda
    Youre probably right. But then I guess Yod wanted it more than Nauropol, and certainly looked the more determined of the two. I admitt when he fell down and caught the foot everybody could see his vision was in trouble, but he certainly overcame that.

  19. Yea….Yod definitely looked like he wanted it more ( or cared about the friendship less). I don’t think he shoulda said that bit about Naruepol being afraid of him though.

  20. Naruepol did not want to fight Yod. There from the same camp he he didn’t want to hurt or give Yod a hard fight. If you ever been to Thailand in the shady bar areas were they have fake fights to entertain foreigners, lol that knockdown was totally fake. I think Naruepol knew he was gonna lose and if he had fought hard he would have weakened his friend Yod for future fights.

  21. Pauly, nice observation, didn’t thought of that, lol.

    Dan, that was Ole in the trailer, including some great Thai fighters, sadly never to be seen in the show.

  22. I think that it was stupid that Yod said that Naruepol was probably scared… he just values their friendship more. May I include that Yod was right though, Naruepol is SOOOOO HOT!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  23. Narupol Gave THE FIGHT to YOD. Narupol was not fighting, period. I don’t think he was scared of Yod in the ring. He was scared of everyone at firtex bieng mad at him for beating up their main fighter. I know of all the people that had good chance to beat Yod, Narupol is the one who could do it, If he wanted. He realized it may have caused his friendship with yod and maybe made everyone at Fairtex upset since Yod is their “champ”. So he decided not to fight and just do light sparring. Anyone who watches that fight at the end can see the narupol wanted to kick Yod support leg everytime he did a left high kick like he always does. But Narupol because he is so loyal to his friends/camp he cheated the fans of this great sport from seeing what 2 top thais could really do in the ring and decided NOT TO USE his weapons. WHat a shame!!!! Man I would love to have seen a fight with a motivated maybe even angry narupol go against Yod. But Narupol is too much of a gentleman. I respect that too. You watch all these lame reality TV shows like T.U.F. and everyone has this retarded mercenary attitude.

  24. I wouldnt be surprised if they(Fairtex) went into it agreeing that narupol would throw the fight if the two ever meet in the ring. It was so obvious. I’m narupol has fought just as tough of fighters as Yod in thailand. Narupol got plenty of fights so the only reason he would do sooo poorly is not because of lack of skill. I’m sure if he would just turn off his emotions he could have given yod a run for his money.

  25. I agree with pauly yes it was fake. The way that narupol stayed on the ground for as long as he did, that was acting, really trying to convinve the audience that it was real knockdown. You can tell cause he really stayued down a long time to try to “sell” the knocjdown to the camera. LOL. I urge everyone to watch the fight again and look at it through the eyes that it mioght have been set-up look at how narupol is intentionally NOT using his weapons. You gonna tell me that a seasoned top fairtex fighter is AFRAID to fight anyone? Especially someone who he trains and knows how to fight already cuz they are from the same gym and spar together? Please don’t play yourself like that.

  26. That’s some bold shit, Joe! But something for everyone to consider. I think that family stuff was very emotional for all of us. It shows how great the need is for Naruepol and Yod to fight to just make a living- Muay Thai for them is not just a job it is a means to help their entire family.

  27. I bet you that shit was set up from the get go! I bet! And they probably made it so that they give YOD the chance…. I guess they think he is a better fighter and he has a more of a chance.

  28. i agree with Suli, i heard the same thing about the con about a month or so back before this episode surfaced, when i learned of the match up as i watched, i knew it

  29. Okay Narupol totally threw that fight and handed it over to Yod. Yod being the vet and who has put his time in has much more pull than Narupol. I know he was trying to go as light as possible to try and not injure Yod but I understand their situation. Its not Narupol fault, he had to give it to Yod, Fairtex would kill him if he injured there star. With Fairtex and thai fighters its about respect, so much that Narupol gave up the price money for the better and more seasoned fighter.

  30. FINALLY, I see some people finally agree wit me when I say that this whole freakin’ fight was rigged. I was really starting to feel like you guys were blind. Whether it was because of friendship or because of Fairtex, it is clear that the fight was thrown. I’m quite sure that Fairtex gave Naruepol a lil bonus for throwing it.

    Episode 10 is one of the best fight of the season. NO SPOILER!!!!

    OH and a5yf k, U deserve the props, that’s the least I can do. You always come through everyone should thank you and the other guys who provide us with links to the episodes so fast.

    Khap Khun Khrup!!

  31. I agree, Naruepol did not show the same level of intensity as his first fight. He held back as much as he could and tried to not make it look obvious. He had to do what he had to do!

  32. Well Anonymous……I have no idea what fight you were watching but I’m sure we’ll discuss it in the proper post…We don’t want to give out any spoilers yet, until the “Episode 10” post is up.

  33. I think that Neuropol would have given Yod the fight, if not for Fairtex, then for friendship as Spydaman said- it really does suck to fight your good friend.

  34. Nah….I don’t smoke crack…I can’t talk for everyone else though but to each his own. ;-)

    Anyway…..I guess everyone is entitled to their opinions and U’ll definitely get the chance to state ur reasoning when the time is right.

  35. the newer episodes lack ‘something’ due to the lack of challenges but i don’t mind the extra insight to these guys and the group dynamic.

    i can’t wait for soren to fight again, i like his muay thai.

  36. Gusnark, strange he didn’t participate in the compettion but managed to appear as a guest (for Zidov sake).

    WHAT! The fight was rigged and Naruepol fake being knockdown. Here I thought all the fights were real. Such a shame!

    No wonder Yod was moody throughout the Ep. 10.

  37. Dan, all comments here are speculations, there is absolutely no proof for such statements.
    The best speculation is that Naruepol froze in the ring with Yod, or that he didn’t want a hard fight since Yod is better.

    Was also wondering why Ole wasn’t participating. Was searching the net, no answers though. Maybe he was injured or ill, anyone knows?

  38. I personally don’t think Yod is better than Naruepol. Naruepol won several belts, one being the champion of Thailand. I don’t think he froze up… I think it was a fake fight. :)

  39. I think Naruepol could’ve gone full out, but why risk either being severely injured? Esp when either has a great chance to be in the finals?

    BUt i HATE the drawers the most. Wish they came up with something better. There were 9 drawers, 1 open for JWP and so that is 8 drawers but 7 fighters choosing?

  40. Well what can i say, ive been following the series from episode one but slacked off since they were uploaded onto the veohplayer. I decided to download it and watch episode 6,7,8 and nine and wow the competition is really starting to heat up.
    Although i dont think that the strongest 8 fighters are left (I think bruce and david should be there), i still think that it is quite an evenly matched bunch.

    I have to agree with the Naruepol comments, i think that he would of felt bad going all out on becuase they are friends etc, but this coincedently led to his defeat. Yod on the other hand went all out and shown why he is one of the best in the world,”in the ring there are no friends” i think he said, but yea props to the owner of this site for keeping everyone updated with the episodes, and for also have quite an interesting site!

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