Episode 9


Wow… big props to Benjozg for the upload. First of all badass episode. I just have to say something though, it used to annoy me when people would complain about the sound effects. Did you guys catch that training session? Is the sound of kicking and elbowing pads not dramatic enough? What’s up with that? A special appearance by Ole? You know he was like damn this should be me on this show…

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I normally brush off the whole family element that The Contender series usual employs… but Dang, Yodsaenklai made my lip quiver… seriously these directors know how to get to you. I know that nearly all the Thai fighters are from very poor backgrounds, but to see him with his mom was nearly too much for me. I know it’s translated, but the power of what he’s saying to her seems to be diminished when it’s translated. Yod, just went up about 5 notches in my book.

Did you Bay Area peeps catch Michael Manaquil in this episode?

Fate is a bitch. That’s all I can say. I didn’t see that coming. If you ask me, he didn’t have his heart in it. He definitely didn’t have his head on right… Yod on the other hand went immediately for blood. I guess that’s why he’s wearing all the belts.



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