Episode 4


Another quality episode of the Contender Asia…. Many thanks to LazyM for posting and sharing with us. I thought the JWP fight with Raffik was a poor showing, I’m glad they talked about it.

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I particularly appreciated Soren’s comment about fighting angry, how it wouldn’t be representative of our sport. I was surprised to see Dzhbar give Raffik some props, “Respect the fight but not the mouth” nice one.

I see Yodsanklai‘s point but I would have liked to see another matchup. I think Bruce would have faired well against any other fighter in the house… It was strange but part of me wants to pull for the under dog. I found myself sitting on my living room floor shouting, “Come on Bruce!”

I know nobody expected him to win but I wanted him to fight back. I know it’s easy from my keyboard to say something so ludicrous, but I thought he was giving him way to much respect. I really wanted to see him go balls out and leave everything out there.

He seems like an all right guy I would have liked him to stick around a little longer. The 2 guys with the most personality on the show have been sent packing… might get a little dull.


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