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I started My Muay Thai back in 2006... I was tired of reading about MMA, and wanted somewhere I could watch real muay thai fights, be inspired and connect with others who love muay thai as much as I do... I currently live in London... when I'm not geeking out over muay thai you can find me bombing around London on my scrambler, ferreting out the latest street food gems.


  1. I agree with you totally GregH. I hate it when they leave it to the judges you never know what is going to happen.
    I was so looking forward to Yod beating Andy Souwer but No!!!
    I though Sean was going to give Yod a run for his money but he seemed to just shut down after taking some initial shots from Yod and was never in the fight really after that. Dissapointed he could have done more/a lot better.

  2. Oh man…i thought Sean would have done better than this….whats up with his cover though? Such a wide gap between gloves…it’s like shouting “please come with an uppercut”….Anyone has any thoughts on this?

  3. I noticed that about his guard and punching in his other fights. He has crisp, fast hands, but he tends to cock his opposite elbow up when he throws leaving him open to a counter strike. He also has a weird shell. Hands to the side of his head and not his forehead. It helps block hooks, but (as demonstrated) leaves you open to uppers cuts and elbows.

  4. He fought against Yod, what did you expect. :)

    Qouting Yod at a tailor:
    “When I put the suit on… I felt like a big boss”
    Lmao, he’s great.

    And what’s up with Jaymee and some from the audience… covering their eyes like they’re watching some B horror movie, this is MT, people get KOed.

  5. Looks like Sean after a couple of Yodsaenklai trademark kicks got the infamous Analysis Paralysis and bang youre down. Thought the fight would be longer and more competitive, and YES why did Yod not do that to Souvwer. But Guess that Souvwer is at another level, plus the Good old K1 rules.

  6. Sean already lost on the mind games fm Yod, way before the fight starts…. . If you go in the ring with the slightest of doubt and worry(which Sean project on screen) …part of the battle is already lost. Fighting is not just about being PHYSICALLY strong…You gotta have a strong MIND and a strong HEART to fight and get to the top. It is your MIND and SPIRIT that pushes your BODY to do amazing things in life!!

  7. Souwer is clearly on another level than Sean, but Yod probably still should have mixed it up a bit instead of doing what maybe was the safe thing (kicking the body from a good distance). He’s proved himself in Thailand (where it matters for the people here). As for proving himself to the rest of the world, proving yourself against “contenders” on a reality show is one thing, beating top “kickboxing” fighters like Souwer is another thing completely.

  8. Sean over-respected Yod. If he was to have any chance of the upset, he had to fight his fight (mainly a quicker, more aggressive pace with more lateral movement). When he stood right in front of Yod and took that Thai pace…he was doomed.

    What do you expect from Jaymee watching muay thai? It’s brutal to outsiders and she’s no muay thai fighter. She’s an actress and model.

  9. Did the reffing seem biased to you guys? The ref asked Sean SIX times if he was ok AFTER counting to 8. Sean was on his knees for 11 seconds. Even when he was plainly KTFO in the 2nd, the guy was asking him THREE times if he wanted to continue. UMM, ref, the guy was OUT!

    Plus you could see the huge disappointment on the faces of Stephan, Jaymee, JWP and Dzabar. It was plain to see who they wanted to win.

  10. “What do you expect from Jaymee watching muay thai? It’s brutal to outsiders and she’s no muay thai fighter. She’s an actress and model.”

    I understand your point.
    But she took the job to be the part of Contender Asia, she’s supposed to be some kind of a leader like Stephan, not to act like spoiled brat watching B-class horror movie. Is no one annoyed by her reactions during fights? I am.

    Anyways, Sean can’t compete with Yod, period.
    Hope to see a rematch with Yod vs Souwer someday.

  11. Greg W…..the reason why the ref delayed the count is because it is now the semi finals. He wanted to give Sean a chance to fight and make the fight more exciting….nobody likes to see a 1 round bout…especially among 2 good fighters. Let’s not forget that first and foremost this is a “show” and it has to be exciting for the viewers…..we all knew Yod was gonna take it anyway.
    As for Jaymee…..who the hell really cares wut she does during a fight????

    Souwer and Sean are two completely different kinda fighters….one is a Shooto kickboxer/k1 fighter while the other one is a Muay Thai fighter. So when u guys say Sean is no match for Andy…which style are u talkin about???

  12. I was thinking the same thing, That was a ridiculously long count, but Spyda’s right, it’s a show. They need to keep things interesting.

    That being said, I’m surprised with Sean’s performance. I didn’t expect him to win, but he was able to stay more composed then I thought he would.

  13. Wow that was quick darknest, i only just finished posting the link!!!!
    Was you just sitting there waiting for someone to put this link up, haha
    Its no worries darknest…

  14. A5YF K, U never fail me…..U are my new best friend.
    Darknest…thank you too…..all of you guyz who have been feedin us the links to all the episodes have been amazing. I appreciate the trouble.

    ps: A5YF K….I’m counting on u for the final….hehe

  15. Spydaman it seem i have far too much time on my hands plus i am addicted to this show.
    Kinda upset its coming to an end but also looking forward to season 2.
    I will try my best and get the final posted up here as soon as possibe.
    Enjoy guys
    Ps i’m still at work so will have to wait till i get home to download and watch this, DAMN!!!
    Only one more hour to go…………

  16. i agree A5YF K im also sad the show is comeing to an end the world needs more of this im sure as it would go to promote the sport we all love and know

  17. Too bad for Sean, but I expected Yod to KO him. Yod is argueably the best MT fighter at 154 pounds and one of the best pound for pound fighters right now. I don’t see too many having a chance with him on the show except JWP and Naruepol.

    I don’t care what Jaymee does, she’s f**kin’ hot stuff!!

  18. I don’t dislike her…….I just don’t care about her. I just watch the show for MT.

    Hey NOp…I like the avatar……Can we all do it or just u?

  19. And what’s up with Jaymee and some from the audience… covering their eyes like they’re watching some B horror movie, this is MT, people get KOed.

    HAHAHAHA. i noticed this too… come on. white people been winning everything. can’t a chinaman see an asian win for once without the “horror face?” hahaha.

    and good point about the analysis paralysis. i took a couple of roundhouses in my first fight and everything i drilled into my body as combos went to shit when that shin drilled into my bicep and forearm. you can’t understand this sensation until you’ve been on the receiving end of it.

    it’s like trying to grab a five dollar bill on the floor under tyson’s feet. everytime you bend down to grab it, you take a hook. the hit pops every nerve ending in your skin and there’s only a certain time where you say “FUCK the five dollars! you can have it.” oh wait, that’s where gameness comes in….or is that just considered plain stupidity? hahahahahha.

  20. GrChChinaman
    I totally agree with you, and Against Yod you dont have the Luxury to freeze. But I would have like to see a couple more rounds. A5YF K Thanks again, You too Darkhorse, Props.

  21. hey guys
    does anyone have the proper link for episode 7 from megaupload?
    the one posted doesnt seem to be valid.
    thanks for all the uploads this season!

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