Episode 1… for the rest of us

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Published on January 18, 2008 with 78 Comments

I’m not sure how this is going to go down. I hope the powers that be understand… that we are a small but very enthusiastic muay thai community, the very core of their audience. We’re the ones who follow the careers of these fighters, who’ll spend countless hours discussing the show and recommending it to others.

In the spirit of things, try to keep the spoilers to off the comments for now, I’ll do a separate post with a synopsis, those who wish to watch it on TV can skip those posts.

I’m not sure how long this will be up, I’ll be sure to post links so you can at least dl it.

Did any of you catch the T-shirt Parr was sporting? It was the K-1 Fans forum shirt. It looked like they made him put a piece of tape over it. Of course everyone was wearing the sponsors shwag…

I can’t believe people are complaining about the production value, yeah it’s a little jank at times… but it would be like complaining to your parents for buying you the white Porsche instead of the black one. I think the show is a great gift to all Nak Muay’s. With so much attention and money being focused on MMA we are all pretty lucky to being getting this show.

Anyway, many thanks to our RockinTaco, our anonymous friend, and are pals at the k-1 Fans forum for sharing with us. I’ll do my best to get them to you in a timely manner, just have some patience. Also when you get a chance be sure to email me. That way if worse comes to worse I can at least send you a link so you can watch it.

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  1. “Hey Frenchy!…big mouth….small heart…”

    LOL, u tell em!

  2. Trevor put on a good show but is not a natural like Narupol.

    That has got to be the most annoying presenter ever! Don’t get me wrong shes hot but her half american/Aussie accent! ARGHHHHHHHHHH

  3. Argh it was hard to watch Trev (my Kru) get beat up, but I’d be pretty happy to bang for 5 rounds with either of the fairtex boys and not be knocked out/hospitalized lol. Trev seemed one dimensional compared to what he usually is, but it’s hard to pull out the slick moves on a guy like Naruepol. Maybe I should turn pro and get a grudge match with him;)

  4. LOL GO YOD! Yod is hilarious.

  5. Hey Bro… If you wanna get the contender fights I know of a place that you’re able to download those fights, as those fights are being uploaded by a fren of mine. But you have to try contacting him personal.

    Try contacting me if you wan the up coming episode. Thanks…actually wanted to drop you an email about it but I can’t get your email.

  6. WOOT!, thanks a million for post. Please keepem coming!.

  7. “Don’t use elbows, feel sorry for him!” lol

    Great upload,

    kop khun khap!

  8. I’m pretty sure if Naruepol wanted to drop Trevor , he could’ve. Naruepol’s corner said feel sorry for him.

  9. Not surprised by that outcome, but too bad for Trevor. At least he kept stepping forward. JWP is a fantastic captain! Thanks for sharing, Nop! Can’t wait for the next one.

    Oh, and for M’seu Petit Coeur – Go YOD! He’s the bomb.

  10. anyone knows where can i find the full soundtrack for the contender theme song?

  11. anyone knows where can i find the soundtrack of the contender theme song??

  12. Good shit! Can’t wait to see Parr or Yod to step in there- obviously it doesn’t look like together…yet.

    Big ups to RockinTaco!!

  13. why naruapol had to be big headed is beyond a joke my thai wife hated him for this we shall watch more hoping that he gets beat

  14. do you guys think that they enhanced the sound of the strikes?
    i can’t say i’ve ever watched a muay thai match of this kind of level live and up close. So I don’t know. But some of the knee shots “sounded” extra painful. Is that really what it sounds like, or is it post-production magic?

  15. The difference in class is a bit of a joke. Why didn’t they put good Thai fighters in instead of guys like Trevor who don’t realistically stand a chance.

  16. What are you taking about mickey, you’re a doushe.

  17. Yea a very unexciting bout it sure was. Naruapol did the typical Thai ‘looking down on low level fighter stance’ ahaha that was funny. Yod is so funny he cracks me up LOL, love Yod.

  18. Alphadog.. You can download it for free from the composer’s website. Good pumped up music.. Makes people wanna go kick some ass, doesn’t it..

    Mickey.. I’m a Thai.. and what naruepon was saying is not big headed but he is showing self confidence.. Every fighter needs that, or he’ll get killed in the ring..

  19. I dont think he was being big headed..just confident..RAFIK is BIG-HEADED!!

  20. I dont think he was being big headed..just confident..to me it looks like rafik was!!I was kinda embarrased by the way he acted with all the talk..

    Anyway guys, Id like to make a trip to Thailand and catch Kaew in action but the thing is I have never been there ..can someone please help how doI know when the fights are in advance soI can prebook hotels/plane tickets…etc etc..

    Is there somewhere on the net I can check ?
    This is a once in a lifetime chance for me so please guys please help..Thanks..

  21. After this contender I bet Rafik fans will drop to be none…

  22. while I don’t think Trev could ever dominate Naruepol, he looked much more like himself last night… he KTFOed steve neuman (GER) in the first round. I think taking the contender asia on short notice probably made it harder.

  23. Trevor didn’t stand a chance, and everyone knew that he wouldn’t. It’s sad that people like him is even in this event. :/ No disrespect, but it’s true.

    I’d looove to see Buakaw in this. :D Would be amazing to see him vs Yod.

  24. Trevor could have put a good working on any athlete except the two thai’s. i saw some of the clips for the other fighters i do think that he could have beat many of the western fighters.

  25. so who won the hole thing? YOD ?

  26. Yea im not the type to wait either, i like spoilers lol. Alekos87 im gonna find out who won the whole shabang.

  27. PaulPP, could you spoils the winner of the contender for me, jus leave me a msg on my email ok. Diz209kaliguy@yahoo.com

  28. yod ko’d everyone with left high kick in the house before they even fought

  29. Lina, all these guys train here http://www.fairtexpattaya.com/.
    This is a good place to start. Phillip, the owner of Fairtex, also owns Thepprasit stadium in south Pattaya, these fighters occaisionally fight there. You can buy tickets to the Thepprasit fights through the resort in person I know. If you are lucky you will get somone at Fairtex that will do their job properly, or go a bit out of their way to help you. By the way, the trainers work every night starting at 6 in an open gym for daily and full-time members if you want to have a go in the same rings these guy train in. I go when I am in town, good luck, have fun

  30. I understand that the final will be broadcast live from Singapore. It is on the Channel Five network in Thailand I believe. I also believe you can watch a streaming webcast of this network if you go looking for it. I’ll check when I get back to Pattaya in mid-Feb.

  31. i hope that there will be no more people who spoil “Then Contender Asia” for us….alekos87 was startin’ to scare me.
    I hope no one SLIPS UP LIKE A DUMBASS NEWB! not to be rude or mean, but DAYAM….if i found out who won the whole thing before i watch the 15th episode, i will hate that person for life.

  32. I second that Peter. Nop, if some fucktard slips and tells us who wins, please delete that post before I see it.

  33. Dont freak out guys im not gonna post any spoilers, i just dont like the drama and like to be spoiled. Bunch of drama junkies you all are lol.

  34. I kind of want to know too. Being in Canada we dont get to see it and even some of the copies I have seen are all choppy and crap and I just want to know that Yod beat the snot out of everyone.
    It’s too bad the likes of Alex Ricci, Shane Campbell, Alex Daley, Clifton Brown, Eddie De Nobrega weren’t in it. Would have been nice.

  35. Thanks nop for the d/l link. Very much appreciated.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the show tbh. There were always going to be uneven matchups given the nature of the competition (team a puts their best up against the weakest of team b).

    I was actually surprised they didn’t put naru up against JWP given that he would have had to drop 7KG to make weight. Would have been an easy way for them to get him out early (but of course it would have meant risking losing naru early too).

    Would have preferred to see yod and JWP on separate teams. lol’d at yod teasing JWP with the belt. :D

    Anyway, overall I’m really happy with the first episode. Sure, the fight could have been better matched (I didn’t see one knee from Trevor) but the episode as a whole was a winner.

  36. Jesus lads, no spoilers past episode 1 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Hi Chango,

    I am not a fighter ..I just want to meet Kaew in person..cos I think he is talented just like Rossi..
    I have never been in Thailand..is there anywhere that I can check their fight schedules ?I dont suppose we can just drop by their gym to say hi ya ??I dont even mind paying to see him train..At least if I know when their fights are at least I can arrange my schedule ..Please advise..Thanks.

  38. As far as the fighter goes, no worries, the open gym is just that, open to anyone who wants a good workout. I know a couple of women who train there fairly regularly. There is not much space around the ring to just hang out, but I’m sure as a guest of the resort or as a daliy member no one will say boo to you, should be no problem to watch and stay out of the way. I have met Kaew a couple of times through my girlfriend and Yodsenklai as well. The other fighters I have only seen. The trainers and fighters are all totally cool, but this is their work so pick your times wisely. They are all very approachable. Go for an evening workout, talk to your trainer and get a feel for the time or place, who is in town etc. he can likely help you meet Kaew if that is what you want. No help on the fight schedule from me as yet but like I said I’ll check in mid-Feb if you like. I fly EVA Airlines, they have the best prices usually, the service is great and the flyers’s club is pretty good too. Have fun,enjoy the land o’ smiles, I really do.

  39. the final has yet to be fought. it will be live after the 15 episodes so no one knows who’s going be the contender

  40. BTW Lina, the daily cost of the gym membership is something like 450 baht, around 15 USD I think. Don’t take the ‘rack’ rate they offer you if you decide to stay at the Fairtex itself, although a really nice property they are not all that busy, try for a better deal. It is only a few steps from the north end of Beach Road, there is a small western type super market right next door, and Tesco/Lotus and Big C both have shopping malls quite close by. So you should be fixed for whatever you need.
    Oh one more thing, there is a little Italian joint to the left, just out the back door of the resort. They have an outdoor cafe with a wood fired pizza oven. We like to go sometimes after working out. Deadly super thin crust pizzas, always busy and the guy making them is pretty slow. Help keep the calories off you just so diligently burned.
    The final is in April I believe is what my girlfriend told me, so be patient all…..

  41. Awesome, thanks for sharing this! Trevor was game, showed a great attitude at the end, but was obviously overmatched — you got a feel for Narupol’s class, just something you don’t see every day. Real pleasure to see guys like him & Yod fighting. Contender has got its familiar ups & downs, the clips, the sound effects, but it’s fun.

  42. “yod ko’d everyone with left high kick in the house before they even fought”
    Lmao. Well, it would (will) be enough just to see him ko Rafik.

  43. Im not gonna be in the ring neither will I be working out..most probably outside and smilling from side to side in awe..Maybe Ill drop Fairtex an email or call, as I said I dont mind paying to stay there or just see him, then I dont exercise la :)

    Thanks guys appreciate it a lot.Many many thanks.

  44. Oh man, Yod’s hilarious. “I made you cry” and “Hey Frenchie”, I have a feeling I’m going to love every second (Much better than the Ultimate Fighter or the Contender USA)

  45. i loved it,,thought it was going 2 b the usual ,sound effects etc but still look foreward to the outcome,

  46. is it just me or was the creator trying to setup a good guy team(jwp) and bad guy team(rafik)?

    if anyone has anything good to say about rafik i’d like to hear it. after he called out yod at the fairtex camp and then got stomped in pattaya i can’t help but hate that guy…am i in the wrong?

  47. Kaew was in fairtex SF/ Mountain View for almsot a week i think

  48. ya he was here for the wbc event in LA. when he wasn’t training he was eating candy or playing Wii boxing.

  49. Yeh, WorldWarCheese, Yod’s is a classic. Show is much better than the US version “The Contender”. I don’t think there is a set-up going on. Rafik, well, he is what he is. He makes for interesting viewing though. You’ve got to give him that. And JWP, well, he’s just awesome.

  50. Is there a link for the second ep?

  51. ?nae where did he stay? whered the wii come from.

  52. Episode 2, anybody?

  53. Thanks!

  54. haha oh man, Yod is hilarious.

  55. cool!! ready for the 3th thanks!!

  56. I think its pretty harsh that you guys are cuttin trevor down as some of you are. Trevor deserved to be in the competition. Sure he lost the fight unaminously however Naroepol is a heavy favorite in the competition. Trevor is capable of beating half the guys in the contender and therefor deserves to be in the competition.

  57. Oh and by the way Chris, your a dummy.

  58. Were those guys even in similar weight classes? I thought the huge size differences definitely did not help, although I don’t think it would have mattered even if they were fair, Naruepol just outclassed Trevor.

  59. they were all the same weight class, they had to make weight to like 73 before the fight but some of them like jwp came into the contender at 80 but they do eventually make weight

  60. uhh…. its not weight nor skill…. its because trevor had sex before the fight….. DUH did you miss the part that said he jsut got married….which means he probably got his first bang. which just ruined his fighting ability. you all knwo your not suppose to fuck before a big fight.

  61. Trevor did not have sex before the fight. He said he got married the night before he left to Singapore. The contenders were all there atleast a week before the first match. So there has to be atleast a week worth of no sexin for Trevor.
    Ahhhh, its just an opinion and i could be wrong. He could’ve sneaked out late at night and went to one of those huts. I mean, I would’ve. But thats just me.

  62. I’m disappointed with the 2nd episode. James could’ve done better. If he had been more aggressive and pushed harder, he would’ve not got hurt so early in the fight. Maybe he was trying to reserve energy for later rounds. If so, apparently that did not work out very well. But still, i respect him for struggling to stand up. He’s got heart. I really want to see JWP or Yod fight. I’d like to see Rafik fight too coz i’m eager to see this guy’s ass kicked.

  63. Sean is really good… you will be surprise his kicks were fast and hard. Yod will be fighting soon but will not bring you guys any spoliter.

  64. Haha… Trevor will be laughing upside down if he see those comments.

  65. Couldnt you at least say who will fight next….man second episode was dam boring..to think i waited one week and left my customer waiting for reports for a tv show..will syaing please help ?

  66. erm… sorry no spoliter. haha

  67. next episode is a must MUST watch

  68. This would be a good scenario. Yod’s team wins next game and Yod elects to fight Raffik. Rafik goes ” wait, why i gotta fight this soon and why does it have to be Yod?”
    Raffik becomes the third player sent home. I know, its that sad.

  69. Or everyone from the red team gets eliminated except for Yod so he just recks people over and over again for the rest of the episodes.

  70. Yo Grake, could u plz give me da spoilers for da next episode or more on my email plz, Diz209kaliguy@yhoo.com thank u.

  71. Loved episode 1. Naruepol was clearly several classes above Trevor. What was hilarious to me was the way the fighters dismissed Zach! “He doesn’t seem like a real fighter to me, so picking him now isn’t an advantage to us. He’ll be taken care of later!”

  72. Link for ep 3 plz?

  73. Bunzy i was hella expecting that in episode 3. JWP and jabba was argueing about who should fight. i was expecting Yod to say “both of you stfu, I WILL fight raffik”

  74. Why does the referee keep breaking up the clinch?

  75. Dunno. Possibly Singapore Rules? It’s kinda like that in the USA too.

  76. It got me thinking, do these referees even know what muay thai is. The clinch is an important part of the sport, I don’t understand why they would take that away.

    Some referees seem to allow more of it, some less. But whenever they’re on the ropes in the clinch, they get separated. Someone should tell the ref that he can pull the ropes so they don’t give way and thus prevent the fighters from falling out of the ring.

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