Ekusang Kor Rungtankiat vs. Simone Cecchini


Thank’s SE for pointing this one out, the 4th fight of the Thai Fight tournament, feature Ekusang Kor Runtankiat vs. Simon Cecchini.  For those of you who are Anime fans, I’m 99% sure  Ekusan… has taken his name from the Ikkyu-san a Japanese cartoon that’s quite popular in Thailand.  You may remember him from the isuzu tournament.

[youtube TTguxxHkzFY 590]

When ask about his fighting style the commentator states ” He’s not the smartest fighter, but he has heart!” I think Ekusang has seen his opportunity is trying his best to get invited back.  I’d love him to try some of his clowning with Liam or Fabio…

Anyway, let’s see where this goes.


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  1. in my opinion Ikuysang is one of the best fighters at 148lbs/67kg at the moment, he parked sitthichai samranchai petchassawin noppakrit saksurin, and even last years lost vs singhmanee was not so clean-cut..his showboating may deceive at first be he is explosive and fast and powerful and skilled, i don’t think any farang would have a chance against him..

    • Ikuysang is a good fighter but I wouldn’t go as far as saying he is the best at that weight. Sitthichai broke his arm half way through there fight last year but soldiered it out until the ref noticed that there was something wrong. And like Liam said Petchassawin has beaten him before so you could say ikuysang is definitely up there with the best but its a bold statement to actually say he is the best. There’s a lot of great heavy thai fighters coming up at the moment.

  2. I couldnt bare to watch past the first round. This is sad,pathetic and bad for the sport. I love how all the thai fighters come into the ring to Carabao or some other good thai group but the non thai fighters come into that spastic off beat horrible ass Aaah thai fight THai FIght THAI FIGHT THAI FIGHT!!!!!!!! Thai nak muay have been losing their dominance in their own sport and this is the remedy? Not to mention the double standard of thai douchery vs foreigner douchery. I’m gonna start training pradal serey. Ala Ong Bak FU$K Muay THAIIII!!!!!!! (if this continues)

  3. I like watching Ekusung.He’s got a great classical style.The only thai MT fighter Iv ever seen using an ax kick.Im pretty sure thats what broke sittichais arm/collar bone? This show is a bit of a joke though, agreed, but like Nop said its not for the MT fans its for the Thai public and the advertising revenue

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if people in the audience received money to act like fanboys and -girls. Like how they pay civillians to worship the dictator in North-Korea.

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