Dzhbar Askerov vs. Armen Petrosyan


This fight took place back in March it was a part of the “It’s Showtime” Milan show. You might think the match up looks vaguely familiar but this Armen Petrosyan,  Giorgio’s younger and more aggressive sibling.

Last time I profiled the brothers Petrosyan they were doing some cable access commericial for lawn furniture.  I hope to god these guys got some management.

Armen appears to be more aggressive then his bro.  I don’t think he’s as polished but seems to get it done.    Askerov… what can I say, he’s got heart but he really beginning to remind me of Gago, or Zambidis.  It seems like K-1 should be beating down his door, he really seems his style of fighting fits with the K-1 programme.  He drops lots of bombs, but seems incredibly predictable.  I was surprised he’ tried that looping overhead right with Armen… Last time he tried that things ended badly. (skip to 9:07)

That knee is such an elegent solution for an overhead right… it just requires ridiculous timing.  Giorgio seems to have mastered it and makes it look all too easy.

In fact most of my training partners and I drill that exact move, and it does require loads of drilling to anticipate and meet the punch.

Thanks to fightreloaded for the Cam upload!  I never imagined I would be watching cammed footage of a fight, but i’ll take’em where I can get’em


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  1. Dzhabar trains so hard and fights hard. This is his passion and his life but he always seems to come away with the short end of the stick wen it comes down to the judges cards.. well the fights i seen anyway.. I hope he gets his dream come true and start winning some notable fights and get a champion belt one day. His stamina looked real good in this fight. Better luck next time dzhabar

  2. I cannot stand Dzhbar. He’s predictable, lacks overall skill, fights dirty and has a terrible attitude. Though I did think that fight could have gone either way. Did anyone else notice that when they clinched, he would stick his hands out like he wasn’t clinching and then throwing knees last second? Such a child! Nice little punch to the back of the head too …embarassing. Guys like this don’t belong in the ring with G. Petrosyan or Buakaw.

  3. Was this K-1 rules? I felt like I was watching a K-1 fight, not muay thai.

    I don’t mind these guys, they seem to bring the fight, but wasn’t really into watching this. I just have a hard time watching guys that are so jacked up and fidgety and everything has to be a knock out. Guess I am too used to watching Thais. From the first bell, they were just so stiff and aggro.

    I dont mind Dzhabar, nothing bad to say. I saw him get manhandled by a Thai at the big Paragon show in Bangkok a while back though. Such different ways of fighting.

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