Duel at the Dome – Results

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Published on April 11, 2011 with 17 Comments

Hat’s off to Dan Green and his crew for putting on a great show.  I wasn’t able to make it but I heard it was a great show.  If anyone runs across some footage of the fight, please don’t hesitate to share.  The pictures are from Yokkao Boxing, an official sponsor of both Liam and Sanchai…


The results and summary are from Tony Meyers on the Ax Kickboxing forum.

The results:

Joe Hanlon (Kiatphontip Leeds) Vs Luke Greenshields (Team Fearless)- Hanlon via TKO

Sam Omogobe (Liams Gym) Vs Harry Heyes (Studio 2000 Derby)- Sam won TKO

Rocaldo Gardner (Cobra Nottingham) Vs Peter Steed (King Cobra Durham)
Peter won points.

John Aong (Chang Kow Doncaster) Vs Brian Crichton (Kirkby Thai)
John won points.

Andy Thrasher (Erawan Manchester) Vs Diego Santuccio  (Italy)
Andy won KO body kick early in round one.

Joe McGovan (SDF Sheffield) Vs Garatti (Italy)
Joe won TKO in round one.

Damien Trainor (K Star England) Vs Rungravee Sasiprapa (Sasiprapa Thailand)
Rungravee won points

UKMF British title
Leigh Edlin (Chao Praya Lincoln) Vs Kris Addis (Kao Loi Harrogate)
Kris won TKO

(Bad Company England Vs Sanchai Sor Kingstar (Sinbi Thailand)

Sanchai won points


“Excellent show Dan and team…including Jessie and the runners who helped make the show run like clockwork, really well done everyone. Some exciting early fights that kept the audience on the edge of their seats – some great skills and some big hearts shown. Well done all the fighters (and their respective coaches). There were too many good performances to mention individually but nobody could deny that Damien and Liam both did the UK proud against formidable opposition.

Despite Rungavee looking like he wanted to rip Damien’s head off his shoulders and throwing some horrible looking kicks,strong knees and vicious punches, Damien did actually look like he was having fun. Rungavee changed part way through one of the early rounds and I think it must have been because Damien hurt him. His eyes glazed over and he looked like he wanted to eat Damien, but Damien kept his cool and smiled. Damien used his head, demonstrated some really good skills and showed he had a heart the size of the Doncaster Dome.

Sanchai is without a doubt the world’s best, a phenomenal fighter with sublime skills and real power, but he really had to fight last night – no messing around because he really knew he couldn’t. Liam took the fight to him, gave it everything and should be really proud. One cartwheel kick very early on and then Sanchai had to focus 110%. Sanchai was throwing some really clinical punches and looked like he had hurt Liam to the body and then Liam hit Sanchai with an elbow cutting him and things got really interesting again. Liam managed to kick Sanchai off his feet at least three times during the fight and refused to concede defeat until the bell. Sanchai was made to fight by Liam, but he did show some amazing skills to avoid Liam’s bombs and score with punches, kicks, teeps and throws in the clinch – he was pushed into pulling out a great performance anything less would not have been good enough.

Both Liam and Damien lost on points but won a lot of hearts with their fighting spirit last night. Brilliant, well done.” – Tony Meyers

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  1. I loved it….saencahi truely is amazing…pleasure to have shared the ring with him 2x…wasnt much playing about this time :)

    • Yes he is, but you sir are equally as amazing for putting on a great display of competition, technique and sportsmanship. Great inspiration for us to train hard and “empty the tank”. BTW I tried your leg drag on my pad holder yesterday=). I don`t have the finesse you do, but its a very tricky move!

  2. You made him bleed his own blood!

  3. Liam-

    I’m waiting on the footage… if you come across any send it through. Heard you pushed the action all night. Despite not taking win, I don’t think I’m alone in saying that we tip our hats to you. Well done brother!

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SdXj7Ayn1c&feature=related

    liam vs the doctor RD 3 and then you can find RD 4 after that. can’t find the other rounds, also didn’t look hard enough. looks great though.

  5. haha it was a pretty clear win for saenchai points wise. hes so hasrd tpo land clean on…ah well never mind.

  6. Hey nopstar, thanks for the link to the Trainor V Rungravee pics.

    Here’s some more from the main event

    Liam Harrison V Saenchai Sinbi

    Awesome fight and a pleasure to shoot.

  7. From the pictures it looks like a great fight!

    Both fighters deserve our respect! Great fighters and both true warriors!

    Thank you guys for keeping my interest in muaythai alive haha

  8. Great fight! Thanks and respect to both men. I loved seeing the MT minute technique in the 4th, can’t wait to try it in training tomorrow.

  9. I believe that is Thopadak holding pads for Saenchai in the pics!

  10. A question for Liam since we have him on this thread – how long do you usually give yourself after a fight to recover and heal before you start training again? And do you start out with light training in the weeks after a fight or just jump right back in with heavy stuff? Thanks and great job against Saenchai!

  11. Hi mate im always in the gym teaching anyway so i nwas back in the gym Tuesday after this fight, just doing liogh play sparring stuff..i work there so im in everyday even if its just holding pads and sparring ill still be doing something….but 4 weeks out from a fight then i go from doing hard training once a day to training hard 2x a day and long runs aswell…Saturdays fight was a bit tough so wont start doing pads again lighlty til next week.

  12. during the fight what did you get hurt with? what did he get you with the most?

  13. he didnt hurt me with anything really his left body kick and timing with it was most difficult to deal with, and when he was clinhcing round the waist his technique there is ridiculous too.

  14. . Would be interesting to poise the same question to the Doctor. Anyone here blogging from Nai harn could probably run it by him

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