Drive-By Muay Thai Part II


This is the second post regarding what I consider to be more foreigner-friendly gyms in Thailand.  Again, I think the main difference is the ability to drop in any time during training hours and getting solid pad holding and tips from the trainers without living at or near the camp.  Part 1 had us smack in the middle of Sukhumvit at Chakrit Muay Thai.  And now.. moving along to Silom Road to Fighting Spirt Muay Thai…


If coming via BTS, get off at Chong Nongsi, walk toward Silom Road and take a left.  Continue about 1.5 blocks up.

Stay on the path..  Stay on the path..  Don’t let the ghosts get ya…  (creepy thai Granny voice)

After Nopstar translated the kind warning from the thai local as we cut through the small cemetery (yes, you read that correctly), to get to Aussie Dan’s Fighting Spirit Gym, it was all good vibes from there.  Granny was quite nice by the way, not like the Crypt Keeper or anything.

Seriously though, walk down Silom Rd. and between soi (street) 9 and 11 you will see a pretty large sign hung on the outer fencing to what appears to be .. umm… “living quarters” that sit in front of a small cemetery (looks a bit like a squatters camp.. but.. well.. this is Thailand).

It is really not that creepy and once you walk past all the free roaming roosters, you will see the very large open-air gym.  It can be missed though, so if you cannot find the place, look across Silom Road and you should see a Sofitel Hotel.  Also, if you happen to be working in Bangkok and drive a car, you can drive through on this path right up to the gym and there is plenty of parking.

As soon as we walked up, the owner Dan greeted us and gave us a nice rundown of the gym.  Dan is also the Head Trainer at California Fitness in Bangkok and used to be (perhaps still is) sponsored by Fairtex.  He has fought professionally in boxing and also MMA in Japan.


What can I say about the training here?  Eff’ing great is all I can say.  First, Dan has 3 thai trainers there full time, every day and guarantees 5 rounds with them (4 minute rounds by the way).  The open-air makes a huge difference over Chakrit during training.  There is head trainer Khun Sun, Attachai Fairtex’s older brother Khun It, and young gun Khun Sing (who at 80 KG apparently can grapple your head off your shoulders).

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These guys are fit, motivated, and take their time with people on the pads.  This is seriously some of the best pad holding and tips I have gotten in Bangkok.  Khun It even showed me sneaky little tricks like parry / elbows and sweeps.  Now, this may not be new to people living at a camp, but its a bit rare for this kind of drop-in scene.  Also, anyone needing a tune-up for a fight and no gym to train out of, this place is legit.  Oh.. and only 300 baht per drop in session.

Dan also has 2 guest rooms and does offering monthly packages for room, board and training.   Last time I was there, there were a few people doing long term stays with plans to fight.

Other Notes:

Ok, again I have to give this gym props for something that is obviously HUGELY important to the owner.  This is the cleanest gym I have trained at in Bangkok, and with the newest equipment.  He even has a few treadmills and weight machines to round the place out.  No, its not a 5 star hotel but when compared to other gyms (hell, even my old gym in the US… sorry guys) it is as good as it gets.

So wait.. you just got done training and you are in Silom.. You aren’t going to stop at TAPAS (soi 4) for some nice house beats and the hip hi-so scene??  After all, Mr. Fat is not grilling for a few more hours…


[umap id=”52674″ tp=”6″ size=”c” w=”540px” h=”360px” alignment=”center”]

+66 867787740 (Dan)

Mon – Sun:
7:00 – 9:30 AM  and 3:00 – 7:00  PM.  Sundays included but only the evening session.

300 baht per session, have packages plans and monthly fees as well.

For the next installment I am going to drag myself over RCA (Royal City Avenue), and no people, not to party down with the thai youngsters at Route 66 or SLIM.  Seems a well known franchise just opened up a new gym there….


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