Damian Kwaitong Gyms vs. Singsuriya Rattanabundit


This is Damian KwaitonGym defending his lumpinee title.  This is the second time these two have met, they fought a couple of months ago in France.  Damien was obviously victorious,  Damien is coming off of 3 victories.  Let’s see if he can keep it going.

Many thanks to champboxingmagazine for the upload.


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    • Yeah but he was dead good, he completely owned that guy and 2bf he lives and has been in Thailand for a very long time, Im sure you can forgive him picking up the odd Thai – ism. Also if he behaved in an over the top western manner then he would be criticised for that just as much.You cant win

      • i know hes good. hes a stadium champ. Damian is the king over overdoing it with the other skilled french guy with a brother coming in close second. Its not a you cant win thing. thats some bullshit…. Ramon Dekkers never acted out. of course he wasnt french.

        • haha – thats very true. granted there is often a very egotistical arrogant attitiude from many French fighters. If Im feeling liberally minded il put it down to cultural differences, if Im having a conservative day though Id put it down to them being C.U.Next Tuesdays!

          Got to give it to him though thats one of the best performances Iv seen by him not that Iv seen many

  1. Damien will be 140 pound champion for as long as his promoter wants him to be, because he’ll keep getting match ups that really aren’t that difficult. His 3 fights for the Lumpini belt were a washed up Kongfah who lost like 6 straight during that time and is pretty much done now, a blown up Aranchai who can’t hack it at lightweight, and now this guy. Damien is a good fighter, but he’s a coddled champion. He loses every big step up fight he has, and I guarantee he’ll never defend his title against a someone like Diesellek or Wanchalerm. I’d take a fight with the kid Sensatarn Sor Suradej, but I doubt they’d even take that much of a risk.

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