Chaz Mulkey vs. Bernueng Top King Boxing


This is the first bout of the Thai Fight Pattaya event.  Chaz who’s a friend of  MMT has been training hard at Sitsongpeenong leading up to this fight. Berneung, who’s a former WMC champion is a hard hitting Nak Muay.  I’ve had a chance to train with him when he was training out if Ingram gym… he’s got quite a vicious streak in him.

The action doesn’t get going until about 7:32 into the clip.

Many Thanks to DuangAesthetic for the upload!

[youtube frsbUNWeIjI 590]


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  1. Looked like he got tired in the second. But, being out there on your own, fighting on a huge show like that, against a guy with so much more experience, nerves have to be going crazy, I probably would have gassed after the wai kru haha.

  2. WoW!!!! Bernueng rear kick was just thunderous. Sadly a pretty one sided fighter. I was kind of hoping the US would have a opportunity to shine but it looks like it was just not in the books for Chaz. It was a tough fight and Bernueng was relentless and I believe that might have took Chaz by surprised. Brush ur shoulders off and look forward to the next one.

    Manant, I’ve seen Samkor KO a french fighter (Wilfried Montagne) with a spinning back fist…well he was DQed because they said he hit him with a his wrist….lol. But other than those two instances, I can’t say I’ve ever seen another Nakmuay throw one of those neither.

    @ Ryukyu………I guess u couldn’t let it slide……lol

  3. ughhh chaz’s footwork and balance were horrendous, it’s one thing to float around and pepper your opponent with jabs, it’s another thing to sacrifice getting smashed like a pinata with shins just to do it. This isn’t k-1, you have to take a little time to stand your ground in front of your opponent with a solid defense and develop a counter against his arms as well as his legs.

    • Of course it wasn’t all Chaz’s fault, berneung looked like a Thai terminator in there. I guess it was just embarrassing seeing someone like Chaz, who is usually on point, so all over the place and off balance like he was gonna fall over on himself all the time.

  4. That`s why I think illness was involved..he was not himself. WHen you get gassed that easy its either you have a respiratory issue (fluu etc), or you were shitting your brains out and are hypovolemic. It actually made Berneung look good too=)..after all he could sit back and put on a exhibition. Hmm be interesting to hear more about it..anyway.upwards and onwards..

    • grime, No I have not, and am quite aware what nerves can do. Without hearing from Chaz and having seen him in action, it was such an off day (on a big night) that I wondered if he took the fight sick (which I have seen from some of our own guys). Not critiquing nor being a fanboy, just my initial thought after seeing that. He just did not seem his normal self. Anyway as I said before, upwards and onwards..its was a great experience and hope he gets more of them

  5. Like I said before guys I have no excuses I just fought like shit and got tired immediately….wish I could do the fight over but it is what it is. Ryuky you’re an idiot that’s probably never fought….and Tibun I dont know why you think you have a right to critique anyone. What have you done in muay Thai? What are your credentials? Maybe next fight you can show me how it’s done.

    To all my fans sorry for the performance, I’ll come back better next fight.

    • It’s so easy to sit on the sidelines, or behind your keyboard and critique someone else. keep staying there where it’s safe and we’ll be out here living our dreams regardless of the outcomes!!!

    • Chaz, were u not the first american on Thai Fight???….If so, how did it feel (I know it must be a great experience)? Im curious as to how the fighters selections were made…..Did u have to qualify via a tournament like fighters do in K1? or were you just invited just on the strength of your credentials?? Do you believe they will invite you again? Bless!!

      • @spydaman it was honestly the coolest thing I’ve ever been apart of for the fact all of my favorite fighters and heroes were fighting on an event I was privileged enough I got to be apart of. No qualifying fight took place to get on the card it was more right place right time. I think cause I fought some respectable fighters the past year and did ok with them and more so than anything Sitsongpeenong set me up with the fight. Don’t know if they’d have me again……I really hope so just so that I show a better version of myself. Unfortunately we’ve got some really talented 147 & 155 American fighters to choose from so they’ve got options Kevin Ross, ky hollenbeck, chike Lindsay, Baxter humbly, michael manquill and a bunch more I’m forgetting. I’d hope all these other guys that have earned a chance at Thai fight get there shot too, but if given the opportunity I’d do it again without hesitation.

  6. if no one is allowed to critic why are there comment boxes? sure people will say dumb shit in the privacy of where ever they are but dealing with that noise is a part of being a fighter. just like you deal with idiots booing/commenting in the audience etc….

    its funny that MOST[def not all] fighters will only accept positive critics and write off anybody who says otherwise as an idiot.

    there are actually people with little to no pride who only read the bad critics in order to better themselves…..

    ryuki you just verbally touched chaz. dont ever do that again!!!! and to everyone who pays to see a fighter fight keep your mouths shut while youre in your seat you paid for and dont ever have an opinion on anything. cus you never fought!!!

    ^ is that how you guys would like it?

    lol you guys arent fighting smokers anymore….just like how no one who gets famous wants to become a rolemodel….regardless, you are.

    its cool that you are living your dreams, but come to the reality of what you are. a pro fighter. who has paying fans who have minds and opinions.

    • Agreed this is no where near as bad as the “critique” that athletes in mainstream sports get. Some of it borderlines on outright hatred or violence. Or even the amount in mma which is straight dumbassery. If Muay Thai is going to grow then the feedback from different people will grow and with positive always comes negative. At least my criticism was constructive and gave praise at the same time. Regardless of my “credentials” If my criticism was invalid or illogical in your eyes after rewatcbing your fight then that’s fine. Let it go. It definitely was not uncalledfor or hateful and I stand by that.

    • It’s not about critiquing, I’m all for that, it’s the fact that you always got some asshole thing to say to just about everyone as if you’re some kind of expert that everyone should listen to. How about a little constructive criticism for once. Or are you incapable of saying anything positive so that you show how above everyone you always are?

  7. Funny, I actually find myself agreeing with SE on this one. I think its fine to critique a fighter, or anything, when your criticism is valid, ad hominems are a bit dull though.

    Anyways I’m glad Chaz got a chance to fight this guy. Mulkey has stepped up in rank in terms of his last opponents.He keeps fighting better and better fighters with relatively little in between time, and or spending time with “opponents.” Berneung is probably the best of them he’s fought recently. I am pretty confident Berneung would wreck any of the guys he’s fought recently (I trained with Berneung at Ingram for a while). While giving Berneung credit for being a beast I do think Chaz underperformed. Was it because of pressure, because of the foreign environment, because of his opponent, who knows (well hopefully Chaz) but I at least hope that he does well and continues his solid performing record which I believe he will.

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