Challenger Muay Thai Final – Spoiler


Happy New years nak muay.  I hope all of you had an great night.  I’m sure lots of you are feeling pretty rough.  We’ll ease you back into muay thai with some challenger muay thai action.

I’ve basically have given up hope that we’re (US & UK) are going to get to see any meaningful footage from the show.  If any of you know where I can DL a clip it would be greatly appreciated.  Even when I was back in Bangkok, I think I only caught one episode.

Apparently they did the whole thing on the cheap, 1 camera crew… I’ve spoken to some of the fighters and there was some grumblings over the production.  From what I understand they’ve doing a second season… hopefully they’ll secure wider broadcast rights, so those of us not living in SE Asia will be able to enjoy.

I see from this clip they’re still adding sound effects… the whole fake roaring crowd really get’s on my nerves, in fact there’s a point where the commentator mentions how quiet it is, and they’ve got to cut sound for the next min.

We don’t see a lot of Madsua… considering he’s with the WMC, you would expect him to be fighting more internationally.

I think Jordan is supposed to be coming to my gym for a seminar in the following weeks, I’ll be sure to get and interview and maybe some MTM’s from him.


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  1. SPOILER- just in case you didn’t see the first warning…

    Man, that was heartbreaking, Jordan is one of my favorite non-thai fighters because of his rhythm and high ring IQ, he isn’t a spazzy punch flurrying sloppy kick machine like alot of western fighters are, he has style and he’s shown it time and time again, but this loss was definitely justified.

    Classic craftiness/experience vs. youth/talent match-up…even though i’m not particularly fond of maadsue’s fighting style (he’s a known clinch dumper, which isn’t a bad thing, just not to my taste), he has enough experience and maturity to know and accept his strengths and weaknesses and didn’t play the “my c*ck is bigger than yours” game….when he realized he was getting clowned in the punch and kick range he took Watson into the deep waters of the clinch and elbow range. Cut him with a flush elbow and poured on the pressure in the clinch toward the end of the fight which frustrated watson and depleted his gas tank taking the juice out of his hard kicks and the sharpness away from his counters and defense.

    Well played, Thai man. You deserve that year supply of black label whiskey and gambling moolah.

  2. Wow they really did do it on the cheap – the commentator grew up around the corner from me and usually does the local shows here.
    He is to Michael Schivello what Joe Pesci is to Danny Devito

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