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  • Video thumbnail for youtube video MuayThai Journal Ep. 10 Thanit Boom Watthayana

    MuayThai Journal Ep. 10 Thanit Boom Watthayana

    Check out episode 10 from our friend John Wolcott, as he profiles Canadian nak muay Boom Watthayana! Enjoy!

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    Buakaw – Boxer, Legend, Legacy Documentary

    Not sure if you guys have seen this yet.  I’m thinking about watching it this weekend.  This piece by Timo Ruge and Gerrit Staron, looks to be a beautifully shot documentary featuring Muay Thai Superstar Buakaw Banchamek.  It looks to chronicle his rise to fame after K1 and his life post por.pramuk.  You can view […]

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    Win. Lose. Forgive

    Just saw that some friends of MMT will be the subject of a short 27 min documentary!  Jongsanan Fairtex and his trainer Monlit Sitphoadaeng are the subjects of a short film called, “Win. Lose. Forgive” which will be premiering July 20th in Santa Rosa.  You can purchase tickets to the screening here, and you can […]

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    Muay Thai Journal Episode 9 – Justin Greskiewicz

    Here is the latest effort from MMT friend John Wolcott.  This episode features a Nak Muay from Philly, Justin Greskiewicz. If you haven’t already done so, make sure to friend/like the muaythai journal fbook page.  You can also subscribe to the youtube channel here.

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    The girl who fights boys.

    Props to Coach Damon for sharing this… this isn’t your typical stadium action.  This is Phet jeeb ja, one badass little girl.  If you get a moment, Sylvie of 8limbs has done a very nice write up on her.

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    Never Go to Thailand

    Shot by a very talented guy Brian Camusat.  Not much to do with Muay Thai, but if you keep finding excuses for not booking your ticket… then have a peek at this… Never Go To Thailand from Brian camusat on Vimeo. DIRECTOR’S SHOWREEL Brian Camusat from Brian camusat on Vimeo.