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  • Video thumbnail for youtube video Muay Thai Minute- Quick Leg Check

    Muay Thai Minute- Quick Leg Check

    Happy Friday Nak Muay today Coach Damon of Singdayt Muay Thai takes us through a alternative to the standard block and return kick.  It’s fairly straight forward, but tricky to master.  It’s important to remember that when you’re doing this technique, you are throwing your kick at full power.  As coach Damon demonstrates a nice […]

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    Clinch Transition 3 – Muay Thai Minute

    This technique builds on the “clinch bump” we covered 2 weeks ago, in the first clinch transition video.  This is another transition you can work when you are working your inside control.  These techniques require a fair degree of feel.   You’ll have to feel where your opponents weight is or if they’re quite tense. […]

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    Muay Thai Minute – Disruptive Elbow 2

    Happy Friday Nak Muay, this is a variation on a technique we covered a couple of years ago.  This technique is quite useful for opponents who are “confident” boxers.  If your opponent is settling into a predictable pattern of throwing  jab + crosses, you’ll want to defend the jab, and “meet” them on their cross. […]

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    Muay Thai Minute – Clinch Bump

    Hi guys it’s been a while… nearly a full year since we had our last muay thai minute.  Anyway, today we have a nice way to transition position while your in the clinch.  A nice dominant position is to get your opponent in a side position.  It’s relatively difficult for them to do too much […]

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    You be the Judge

    MMT friend and leading UK Muay Thai Judge Tony Myers needs your help. Dr. Myers and his team are working on a study on scoring and he needs your input.  If you get a moment, and you think you know your way around combat scoring have a go. Message from Tony: Who do you think […]

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    Brotherly Love

    I came across this video a couple of months ago… it features former K-1Max champion Murthel Groenhart and his brother Fernando sparring with each other.  Both these guys train out of Mikes Gym in Holland.  Mikes is renowned for their hard sparring,  and have produced some of the most formidable  fighters the planet ( Kyshenko, […]