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    The Boxer’s Soliloquy

    Now Available: Matt Lucas’ The Boxer’s Soliloquy, A Muay Thai Novel   The new collection of fifteen interconnected short stories The Boxer’s Soliloquy by Matt Lucas follows the lives of Muay Thai boxers as they experience the glory and the blows of Thailand’s most famous martial art. These are the stories of punches thrown, of […]

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    Farwell Lumpinee

    This past Friday the stadium hosted it’s last night of fights.  The new stadium has been moved to the outskirts of Bangkok to the Ram Intra area of Bangkok.  For those of you who remember Don Muang Airport, the new stadium is about 10K or 15 min ride from the Don Muang Domestic airport.  You […]

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    Latest Tour of the New Lumpinee Stadium

    Thanks for LiveMuayThaiGuy for sharing this… for those of you who don’t know, the old Lumpinee stadium is going to be torn down, to make room for another shiny shopping mall.  You can never have too many places to buy crap. Anyway here is a look at the first Lumpinee… (which will be open Feb […]

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    Lumpinee Birthday & Farewell Show

    As some of you may know, Lumpinee stadium is shutting down, and relocating to the other side of Bangkok in a smaller more modern facility.  That may sound appealing to some but for those of you who’ve been to the original stadium, there is something quite special about that place.  It’s raw, shabby and alive. […]

  • Video thumbnail for youtube video First Look at the New Lumpini

    First Look at the New Lumpini

    Hi guys I thought you might find this interesting, its a sneak peek at the new lumpini stadium… not a whole lot of info.  The bottom area of the stadium, will be food stalls, Thai and international food.   The new place holds about 5K people, which I think is about 50% less then the […]

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    Pornsaneh vs. Rungravee set of Oct.

    This bit of news came out a couple of weeks ago, Good to see our friends will be heading to this area of our world.  I think Huggy Bear put it best, “I’m pretty sure this is one of the signs of the apocalypse!” These guys are heading to Cork Ireland, and will be meeting […]