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    Upscale Training?

    Thinking about heading to Thailand?  Maybe catch some sites and a beatdown?  The Siam an ultra luxury boutique hotel opening next month will be the first hotel in the world to include a Muay Thai ring… Apparently you can ring for room service or private training.  Prices start of at $500 (not baht) per night […]

  • buakaw_por_pramuk

    Buakaw Roid Raging!!!

    Evidently someone hasn’t been giving Buakaw his due. Did someone eat his som tum? Did Mai eat all of his moo ping? Or maybe Buakaw is just straight up roid raging…? Watching this video made me think of all of Buakaw’s loyal fans, and how they too are gonna try to beat up banana trees… […]

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    Saiyok get’s his ass beat

    Props to Damon for sending this one along… this is the first time I’ve seen one of Furious Petes videos,  I’ve spent a couple mins watch some others and there kind of foul.  From what I can tell he’s a dude that’s a competitive eater and a cross fit junkie.  Anyway looks like Saiyok is […]

  • seagal fat face

    Steven Seagal hits the big screen!

    Steven Seagal, international douchebag, is well known on on this site for teaching fighters secret techniques, running like a girl, and being a man of law and order (coincedentally this months’ issue of harper has a short essay on Seagal trying to bust down a cockfighting operation… he kills all the cocks in the process) […]

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    Malaipetchs busted arm

    You guys have already seen this, sorry i’ve been living in the UK and this game hasn’t seen the light of day.  Anyway, pretty sweet being featured in a video game, despite the fact that they completely dog you in the trailer.  Damn you would have thought they would let him win in his own […]

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    Som nam na

    Som nam nah is a Thai idiom that loosely translates to “serves you right” This clip comes via MTAA’s David Huerta… I’m not really that shocked.  I don’t recognise  the venue but I’m assuming it’s in a bar.  From the description in the video this is supposed to be a friendly “hop in a go […]