Catch and Turn


In today’s Muay Thai Minute, Coach Damon takes us through a muay thai technique for catching a kicks.  This technique is a classic Muay Boran technique that can be adapted to the ring.  This works well for an opponent who is looking to “Crack your shell”  and is aiming specifically to kick your arms.

When your doing this techniques, clearly it’s important to keep your guard up…  with your opposite hand you need to reach over and hold their foot/shin on your arm.  Once you have their leg/ankle, pull it against your arm and turn into it.  Your partner will really feel quite a lot of pressure on his or her ankle.  Don’t crank too hard…

Happy drilling.


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    • Hey Matt,

      Yes you can step to the side to avoid absorbing the kick into the arm but sometimes you may not have space or time to step especially against a fast kicking southpaw or visa versa.

      Hope this helps


  1. Thanks Damon, As a follow up I would assume that this is a move that you are attempting in the early part of a bout in order to deter your opponent from kicking? And also if you are eating the kicks, it seems like it you would want to do it early in the bout so that you still have an arm, correct?

    • Yeah you would want to avoid the arm being kicked to many times (having your shell cracked!!). If you have time watch Sakmongkol vs Perry Ubeda Kings Birthday 1999 classic fight!! This technique is also good to end kick exchanges especially with a continuation. You can use it at any time to deter your opponent from kicking but don’t forget kicking to the body is a big part of the scoring criteria…. The recent fight between Sam-a vs Pecthpanomrung comes to mind.


  2. Jongsanan showed us a similar one – except you come under the the kicking leg, grab the heel and put it through to the opposite side of your body leaving them open to sweeps/counters.

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