Buakaw vs.Tomoyuki Nishikawa


This is the quarter final Thai Fight bout between Nishikawa ( a fighter who’s 28-5) against Buakaw  (367-45) the pride and joy of the Thai Fight promotion.  The Thai Fight shows are having a negative affect on my attitude towards the Thai Nak muay, especially Buakaw.  Was I the only one cheering for Nishikawa to catch Buakaw with something?  Taking the whole thai love fest into a death spiral.

Of all the match ups I thought this was the most entertaining.  As always many thank you to duangaestetic for the rip and upload.


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  1. yes I must admit I have been a big fan of buakaw since his reigning championship in k1 but these days all his fights hes matched up with is pathetic.. Im not even going to watch the fight which is a 1st for me when it comes to his fights..hope this doesnt continue

  2. Yeah its getting a little silly now isn’t it. And Buakaw actually celebrates after these fights like he has achieved something amazing lol. Seriously thou he’s still a great fighter and needs to be fighting other great fighters. All this is going to do is get him used to fighting low level competition and if he ever fights a high level fighter again it will be a shock to him because his mind is not used to it. What ever happened to great match ups and I don’t understand why Promotes don’t put on fights that the fans want to see! They could make shit loads of money and everyone would be happy!

    This is the type of fight card I would be willing to pay good money for:
    Yodkhunpon vs Chokpreecha
    Disellek vs Jomthong
    Saenchai vs Sam A
    Aikpracha vs dzhabar askerov
    Yodsanklai vs Berneung
    Sittichai vs A Petrosyan
    Kem vs Buakaw
    Saiyok vs G Petrosyan
    Sudsakorn vs Kaoponlek
    Liam Harrison vs Fabio

    • So don’t make the mistake of thinking these match ups are for us… they aren’t. The guys behind these shows is a TV guy, he makes variety shows etc.

      They aren’t in it to sell tickets. He’s in it to sell sponsorships… to Singha, PTT (oil and gas company) et al. They don’t even need to pack it out, it just has to look great for tv… it’s got to be entertaining.

      This thing is about making Thai consumers feel warm and fuzzy. Build heros they can relate to etc. The sponsors aren’t interested in appealing to gamblers or the hard core… this is ” Sport Entertainment” people (masses) are tuning into be entertained.

      • I guess i can see your point and its obviously working as its still running. Its just me and everyone else one here cannot understand being entertained by such a show. I get entertained by seeing a fight, not a mismatch.

        How long before even the masses grow tired of it?

  3. Nopstar…thank you for breaking it down that way. I was confused on who was to blame for this circus. I thought that either the show was doing the matchmakings for Buakaw to make him seem like the “invincible Thai warrior” in a “Yamada” sense. Or maybe it was the actual gym paying the show big money to have Buakaw face off vs one of their own fighters (for recognition). Honestly I remember the days when I was complaining because k1 was always crippling Buakaw, but at least that gave me an excuse to root for him. Now it’s the total opposite…..they are spoiling him. At least Masato was still getting some tough fights even though he was clearly the poster boy of k1. BUAKAW haven’t fought anyone worthy of mentioning since I can remember. It’s a shame because Buakaw is actually good enough to beat the best but now I find myself s by shaking my head. I have watched this fight….and im asking myself if the Japanese guy was even trying to win

      • “buakaw is good enough to beat the best, now?”…..Yes I definitely think he is among the best in the world in his weight class. I never said he was THE best…..I said it’s not beyond his reach to beat some of the best. How quick do we forget that he has beaten some of the best fighters in the world….and how quick do we forget that he was a ranked fighter in Thailand before he even join K1. Buakaw might have fought a string of B-list fighters as of late but that doesn’t make him any less dangerous.

        ps: I don’t use drugs

        • it does make him less dangerous. way less dangerous. he is the prized fighter in his own camp and he hasnt been fighting competitively for a while. it shows in his lackluster performances as of late. his ring age also shows. which is probably the biggest reason why he hasnt been looking so good.

          ps, o really cus i was totally serious about you literally standing in a corner naked smoking a crack pipe.

          • I meant ” doesn’t make him any less of a dangerous fighter”..I worded it wrong…..I do agree that because he hasn’t been fighting competitively it will be a shock when he finally does. However his ring age hasn’t shown me anything he is still as aggressive to me as he always was. Im trying to figure out how can he possibly NOT be looking so good considering the low level competition he has faced as of late??…Isn’t that the whole reason why they put all of these “Lackluster” fighter in front of him?

            ps If I did smoke crack it would not be in the corner…it would probably be sitting on my bathroom floor. Also,I would probably be in my pajamas but if u’d rather picture me naked…..whatever floats your boat.

  4. @ Joshua 1990

    I Like the sarm A v saenchai
    and kem v buakaw.
    Id pay good money to see those but be pretty lucky to see it happen I guess

    and Petrosyan v sittichai or saiyok but has to be MT rules

    But got the next best thing coming which is kem v yod. Cant wait for that one :)

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