Buakaw Vs. Petrosyan K-1 Sweden


Buakaw Por. Pramuk vs. Gevorg PetrosyanI’ve just finished the watching the clips of Buakaw vs. Petrosian ( Petrosyan) and have been reading some fights summaries. I’m posting all 5 rounds on this next page. Many thanks to Joseph for sharing with the rest of us. If you would looking for event results for the rest of the K-1 Sweden match ups, you can find them at the K-1 Fans forum

The fight video is from a hand held video. I’m sure the official video will be floating around soon enough. If you can’t wait and you’ve got to see the fight right now, then continue reading this post.

For those who DON’T WANT THE RESULTS don’t scroll to the bottom of the videos.

Round 1

[youtube Hc3Aekzh6OY]

Round 2

[youtube MR8Ej9HHDF0]

Round 3

[youtube fPrkMCqhVlo]

Round 4

[youtube 1hOeXgrUZlE ]

Round 5

[youtube LddA2na3AcA]

Caution Spoiler


Buakaw vs. Petrosian (DRAW)

So know that you’ve watched the fight what do you think?

Personally I think it was a draw. I am looking forward to a rematch though. I’ve don’t ever remember seeing Buakaw get dumped, Petrosians legit. Most of the comments that I’ve read from people who were at the fight is that Buakaw just wasn’t active. A lot of people are wondering if Petrosian is actually good, or did Buakaw have a bad night.

There is a lot of chatter on the forums about Buakaw not wanting to risk injury before the K-1 Max. I’m not buying that, as if you were really concerned about saving yourself or not injuring yourself why would you take the fight? Some are saying that Buakaw wasn’t really trying… I’m not buying that argument either. You don’t get to their level and just phone it in.

I think we’re going to be seeing a lot more of Petrosian I wouldn’t doubt it if we’ll catch him in another MAX event in the near future.


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  2. buakaw seems to have problems with southpaws. . . his fight with chalmsak was pretty close too . . .. i think it’s prolly cuz he favors his left leg for kicking. . . but since ur supposed to use ur right leg vs southpaws he can’t really use his greatest weapon.

  3. well I’ve seen most of his fights, and it was cold in sweden that night he was fighting.. he couldnt fight well because it was too cold, was hard to move his legs.. thats what i heard after the match in other video. If it was in Japan theres noway it would be a draw, Buakaw will win np

  4. Oh btw Petrosian didnt do much in the fight, it was just Buakaw that didnt attk much.. And It shouldnt be a draw since buakaw is the one that made the points even so he wasnt active.

  5. From Someone Who Was There on

    Buakaw DID everything he could to win the match.
    You dont get to where Buakaw is by not trying your best!
    I was there and saw this mach because im a big Buakaw Fan.
    but the young and hungry Petrosian was so prepared and surprisingly skilled that he didnt leave room for buakaw to rule the game. it looked like he had an answer to buakaws every technique. I Honestly think that the winner Was Petrosian.
    we will be seeing a lot more of “the doctor” Petrosian in the future

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