Buakaw vs Chahbari


Many Thanks to our Dutch friend Therealestofall for taking the time to rip and share this fight with us. If you haven’t already I want you guys to go fill in the captions for our Buakaw Headlines contest… to clarify, you just need to submit one headline…

[veoh v8953310YAnMzmCP&id=9548716]

Hopefully we’ll get some more submissions this week, I’ll have you guys vote on the best caption and I’ll see if we can’t get Antarai to kick in a shirt.

Anyway, oh to the interesting stuff… this was the white lotus’s latest fight in Amsterdam.I think I saw an earlier comment saying Buakaw looked lazy. I could see how one might think that, but I think Faldir isn’t a bad fighter. I think if he would have stepped up earlier it would have been a better fight. I think everyone is so used to seeing Buakaw walk all over his competition. When he doesn’t people get disappointed. I know I wanted him to…

On a side note. have you guys ever notice that most of the North African Nak Muay’s have the strangest physiques? Going on appearances I wouldn’t say Chahbari looks much like a fighter, he isn’t built like one. We all know that doesn’t mean shit, but I’m always amazed by it. Some fighters who come instantly to mind, Murad Sari, Farid Villaume, Chahbari? Anyway just a random observation.


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