Buakaw v Joon Kim


Here’s yesterday bout between Yoon Kim and Buakaw at the Korea K-1 Max Tournament. Yoon Kim, is a Korean Nak Muay who’s spends most of his time with the Sinbi Muay Thai Camp in Phuket. The last time we saw him in action was against JWP a few months back. Big Props to Luckycharms for the swift upload.

[dailymotion x4hqfb&v3=1]

It’s good to see the white lotus, get a decisive now and then. That being said, I do think it was a pretty big mismatch. If I remember correctly Kim was beaten handily by Parr. I was suprised to see Buakaw fighting so soon after Japan… this fight seemed to go under everyone’s radar.


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  1. I think I started to see the old “kicking” Buakaw back and I can’t say that I’m mad at that. That high kick to head was lethal….I dunno how Yoon got back up. Good Job Buakaw!

  2. Yiiihaa, what a Fight, and he really looked several Classes above Joon. A mismatch? It looks like it, but i too am a Buakaw Nuthugger so lets just say he totally outclassed his opponent, and He is BACK.

  3. The Mullet is clearly giving Buakaw new power.

    I know he wasn’t exactly in there with Souwer or something, but damn he looked sharp.

    And for the LOVE OF GOD, that crazy screetchy announcer lady must be stopped!!! I will never again assume she can not get crazier, because she tops herself every time.

  4. It does look like the old Buakaw is back. Not only is he re-focused on kicking, but once he scored his first knockdown he didn’t rush in to end the fight. In the past I’ve seen him do that and get himself in trouble or at the very least look really sloppy. This time he took his time, took what shots were there for him, and completely out classed his opponent.

  5. thats a great entrance isnt it….love it…….and who else wanted to touch his feet when he got to the ring???…….hehe…….

    Could he have won in any lower a gear?..great performance………had Yoon Kim lost this battle in his head before the fight even began?…he didn’t look like he wanted any part of that to me………….

  6. First of all I’d like to say that the Korean audience is the worst that has ever been. The only sound was that of the coaches in the corner…

    Secondly, Buakaw is better than ever. His guard is tighter, he kicks more, slips away from a lot of punches and moves better.

    Can’t wait to see his next fight

  7. It looked like Kim’s hands are horrible! Every time he threw more than one punch, the other hand would drop. And there didn’t seem to be much mechanics to it the deeper he would get into combinations. I know punches don’t get as many points as kicks, but if you let your hands drop your going to get a shin or foot to the face. Just ask Yoon Kim.

    Has anyone else seen Kim fight? Were his hands any better then?

  8. Watch closely, before the kick to the head, the ref. said “no holding”, (Buakaw: “No holding? Ok, I’ll just kick) – Bam! kick to the head! AHHAHAHAHA

  9. Ahhh, when will this end?
    A total dismatch, like Kyshenko vs Shingo.
    It’s great to see Buakaw an action, but that’s a damn waste of his talent.

    K-1 MAX Asia… does anyone know how is Fairtex and K-1 administration doing together? Would love to see Yodi Yoda in it.

    Totally agree guys, the worst audience ever.
    And hearing that annoying voice, I was like wtf. Is this the same announcer woman we hear her unbearable annoying voice also in Tokyo Dome?

  10. I take from all the comments that Kim lost. Why do they keep putting him up against champions?? He’s like that backup fighter who stepped in to fight Sombat and Got knocked out in the first 20 seconds? Don’t 2nd string in with the starters man!!!

  11. Buakaw is sticking to what he does best…righteous.
    and damn…i’m embarassed to be Korean when i see these Korean “muay thai” fighters compete…go train some more my bretheren! -_-
    war buakaw.

  12. To answer a question about the Announcer Lady From Hell: yes, that’s the same lady that does the events at the Tokyo Dome, and the Saitama Super Arena. She did all the Pride events when they were still around, and basically does a very large portion of the K1 and other major MT/Kickboxing/MMA events in Japan, as well as some other areas of Asia.

    Somewhere along the line she must have got it in her head that because they kept inviting her back that the crowd actually LIKES these crazy screetching, screaming mutations of the fighters names. I actually saw her announce an event live in 2005, and she looked like Joe Cocker belting out some of his most emotional lyrics. I almost raced down from 75 rows up just to choke her goofy ass.

  13. It’s obvious Yoon did not want to fight from the beginning. His eyes were closed whenever he got hit and the groin shots were pretty sad.

    The highlight of this fight for me, was when Buakaw clapped WITH the audience when Yoon got up for the last time. Priceless.

  14. Slayer, tnx for sharing your nightmarish experience. :)
    But really, her voice is unbearable.

    Is it just my imagination or Buakaw had this little mustaches?

    Nae, the clapping thing… I believe you would do the same, if you’re opponent would be 2x kicked in the nuts and 2x KOed. :)

  15. the crowd is quiet cause the korean audience is watching the fellow korean guy set OWNED by a far superior fighter..even tho imma huge BPP fan, it sucks to see it -_-

  16. Hey, where’s that internet jockey who claimed Buakaw couldn’t drop anyone with a kick?

    BNMD: This is K-1: depending on who’s fighting, punches can score twice as much as kicks…

  17. Colargol……”Hey, where’s that internet jockey who claimed Buakaw couldn’t drop anyone with a kick?”….I was thinkin the exact same thing when Buakaw kicked the guy in the head….lol…instead I replaced the “internet jockey” with somethin a lil more explicit.

  18. I heard that Korea Guy fought and lost to JWP, dont know if its true.? And yeahh lets get Yodi Yoda in there in the K1. Then we could have a K1 worldmax Final Between Yod and Sombat, Arrrhhhhhhh(homer simpson style Drewling) Even though the Japanese owners would be mad as hell. Just the owners not all japanese. Or Saenchai is pretty crowd pleasing, or that crazy Thai Rambaa or something.

  19. Looks like Buakaw is ready to take on K1 max 2008. Especially with his new style, it looks more suitable for max scoring system. He is doing more punching and hitting the body more instead of just kicking the arms. Claim your title back Buakaw.

  20. lmao hit him in the nuts within the fist 15 seconds lmao
    buakaws a beast
    does anyone know where i can get those kickass k1-max posters of him????

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