Buakaw Sued


In the ongoing legal saga of Buakaw it was recently announced that the Por Pramuk camp would sue their cash cow for 100 million baht (about (correction) $3,400,000). Along with Buakaw, four others are mentioned in the suit including the Thai Fight organiser Sport Art Co, boxing promoter Visanu Am-anan, Buakaw’s personal manager Theerawat Yiewyim and the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT).

Por Pramuk is also seeking an injunction to stop Buakaw from fighting on Thai Fight or any other card.

An initial date of July 16th is set for a court hearing but Por Pramuk’s lawyer is seeking to settle with Buakaw outside of court.

Negotiations look strained considering Buakaw has vowed never to fight for Por Pramuk again after exposing the massive amount of purses withheld from him for previous bouts.

According to the Bangkok Post “Earlier yesterday, Attapong Am-anan, a promoter of the Pattaya event, told the Senate committee on sports that Buakaw signed a contract in October 2010 to fight in the April 17 bout with Por Pramuk camp boss Theerapat also signing the paper as a witness.

He admitted he knew that Buakaw’s participation in the Pattaya fight violated the law but he had to ask him to fight because the organisers could face legal action from the sponsors.

SAT deputy governor Sakol Wannapong said he had asked all concerned parties to talk on April 30.

Committee chairwoman Naruemol Siriwat said she would ask Buakaw and representatives from the Por Pramuk camp to attend a meeting on May 10.”


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  1. The Thai Fight people must have deep pockets… Clearly the Thai Fight people have dealt with Mr. Pramuk in the past and know how he conducts his business…

    I can’t believe they didn’t see this one coming. Unfortunately Mr. Pramuk has a leg to stand on, this is a fairly cut and dry. Could this be the end of Thai Fight?

    LDF remind me to not let you negotiate exchange rates for me!

  2. So was all that stuff from the general/government the other week just a friendly suggestion as to how they should resolve the situation and not something that was binding in any way for either party?

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