Buakaw Por.Pramuk Vs. Andy Ologun – K1 Max


Once again big props to our Danish friend HLbyColargol for taking the time to record and share. Go to K-1 Max Superfight Results if you want the results of all the matches.

[dailymotion 56G4nT9kAWIf9bsVq]

I have to say I’m impressed with Ologun, he hung tough. He’s very capable… Buakaw in typical fashion pushed the action. It’s really got to be disconcerting when your opponent continues to drive into you. Hat’s off to both of them for a great fight.


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  1. Kom…tell us something we don’t already know…lol.
    Souvik…I don’t recall Ologun fightin anyone named Mike in his K-1 pro career…his last fight I beleive was against Kohi who had a broken foot while fighting him.
    Spong is tryin to fight in the HW class, I doubt he will ever fight Buakaw.

  2. I once saw somewhere that Yodsaenklai was scheduled to fight Buakaw in ’07.

    Also, howcome its always the same fighters on the schedule for the K-1 elimination? Buakaw was not selected to compete? True / False?

  3. Bunzy-
    K-1 WORLD MAX 2007 Jun. 28 Nippon Budokan

    Andy Souwer
    Yoshihiro Sato
    Buakaw Por. Pramuk
    Virgil Kalakoda
    Albert Kraus
    Mike Zambidis

  4. he didn’t belong in the same ring as bpp. andy has heart but at this stage of his (acting)career, his fame will only carry him so far after a few bad fights. in the last round bpp throws an overhand right in clinch that looks like an elbow..

  5. Bunzy-

    I see what you’re saying. I think it comes down to the business of fight promotion. K-1 is interested in building “heros” and selling tickets.

    I think Yodsenklai should probably fight Buakaw, but I honestly think that for the average K-1 viewer it would seem like a dull fight. Essentially it would be a fairly evenly matched Muay Thai bout.

    I had a conversation with Samkor about this a few months ago. He basically said that promoters aren’t very interested in putting 2 Thai fighters into tournaments.

  6. ive been watching these clips, and finally muay thai evolved into a spectalcular showdown of complete dicipline and power. before we were all worried of the effects of beating up innocent bannana trees into the beating of actual of men. buakaw has the best coaches and company.

  7. The only reason he got the fight with pramuk is because of his brother’s celebrity status in Japan, nothing else. Shame on k-1 for letting this fight take place, that takes the prestige of the organization.

  8. can sm1 enlighten me,pls…..
    did Buakaw win k1-max, again?(for 2007)
    btw, i reli think Buakaw is so far the strongest fighter…he gets stronger with stronger opponent…
    but disappointed with Kaoklai…he got so much fame after k1 but he was owned quite a few times in later matches…K.O..

  9. K1 World max 2007 has come around yet…(june). This particular fight took place at the K1 Japan max. This actually was a super fight. Trust me though..unless Souwer ( The only one who can actually have a chance) pulls somethin outta his ass or the committee pays Buakaw a shit load of money to take a fall….I’d say he is well on his way to winning it again this year

  10. yea…agree…great minds think alike yo..
    actually there are reali only a few who can be on par with buakaw…
    if u’hv noticed..he usually executes sm (funny) unusual moves when he fights with weaker opponent…maybe tat’s the onli time he can horse around..haha
    anyway, reli looking forward for the clips and better fights…n thanks for ya info

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  12. I have a question,
    yesterday there was a match on the tv, from Andy Ologun, (K1). If anybody saw it..
    but does anybody know, what the name is of the intro song, from Andy Ologun
    I thought it was a bit Spanish/Italian.. one of the two!
    can anybody give me the titel of the song?

    it would be great!

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