Buakaw fights again


It appears that Buakaw will fight again.  There was an arbitration meeting held today and it was decided that Buakaw should be able to fight again.  The court stated that Buakaw is a national figure, and a worldwide ambassador of Muay Thai.  That Buakaw’s involvement in the sport would help popularize Thailand’s national sport.

Under the ruling, Buakaw must under fight under the Por Pramuk name, Buakaw is  free to train wherever he likes, he will split earnings with the camp 60/40,   and  for appearances outside of the ring the split will be 75/25.

So what happened?  Why now?

If any of have visited Buakaw’s FB page, you would have seen loads of pics of him training BJJ, there was lots of speculation whether this was going to be his new move.

There was a statement put out by the Deputy Governor of the Sports Authority of Thailand,

The Deputy Governor of the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT), Mr. Sakol Wanphong, said that he is very disappointed & sad over the news that the top muaythai boxer Buakaw will go down the path of fighting in MMA in Hong Kong & Macau. He said that MMA is a ‘savage’ sport that involves fighting on the ground in a cage until a fighter loses consciousness, & so the SAT is against having MMA fights in Thailand. He said that ground fighting is unbecoming of a ‘real man’ & ‘ungentlemanly’.

I think the idea of Buakaw getting  tapped out in a cage, was too much for them to bare.  I think this is what forced the Sports Authority to make its move.

I doubt that this was a calculated move on the part of Buakaw, I think he was probably was looking to get into MMA.

I’m glad to see that everyone has come to their senses… Buakaw lives to fight another day,  Mr. Rojanatan can continue to milk his meal ticket.


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