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Bangla Boxing StadiumI decided to go check out some fights my last night in Phuket. I mentioned in my previous that Phuket has a thriving Muay Thai scene. When someone initially told me that I thought they were talking about the “Thai Boxing Shows” that are held at bars. I was surprised to find that there really is a fight scene. Phuket has 3 venues and a half a dozen camps all over the island.

I was told by the folks at Sinbi Muay Thai that they are able to arrange fights on short notice and of varying abilities. I think if you’re training in Bangkok you’ll probably have to head down to Pattaya to fight. If you’re looking to fight, I think this is the place to be.

Somebody told me you’re paid something like 2,500 -4,000 baht for a fight ($58 – $115) big money. I think you can make more on the side bets.

So this night I’m heading the “Bangla Boxing Stadium”. The management was being pretty liberal with their use of the term “Stadium”. I think Bangla must have spent its former life as a disco, or club. I get there about 9PM just in time to watch the kids going at it. 1000 baht for the cheap seats what a fucking piss take. I show them my national ID and they look at me like so? Oh did I mention my wife is white?

I notice there are about a quarter of the fights are with foreign fighters. (Precisely what the folks at Sinbi were talking about.) The fights are okay, but I wasn’t expecting much. To be honest the quality of Muay Thai was better Bay Area fights (strike force). For a moment I find myself wanting to fight. It’s doable…

I’m sitting in the cheap seats so there is all kinds of gambling going on. It’s funny watching the trainers looking at the bookies between rounds making bets. The trainer would spend a moment instructing his fighter then look over 10 seconds later to make a bet. I was watching the bookies trying to get one of the Sinbi trainers to make a bet on one of his students. He just smiled and shook his head no.

Any of you guys have any experience fighting in one of the smaller venues?


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