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Bangla Boxing StadiumI decided to go check out some fights my last night in Phuket. I mentioned in my previous that Phuket has a thriving Muay Thai scene. When someone initially told me that I thought they were talking about the “Thai Boxing Shows” that are held at bars. I was surprised to find that there really is a fight scene. Phuket has 3 venues and a half a dozen camps all over the island.

I was told by the folks at Sinbi Muay Thai that they are able to arrange fights on short notice and of varying abilities. I think if you’re training in Bangkok you’ll probably have to head down to Pattaya to fight. If you’re looking to fight, I think this is the place to be.

Somebody told me you’re paid something like 2,500 -4,000 baht for a fight ($58 – $115) big money. I think you can make more on the side bets.

So this night I’m heading the “Bangla Boxing Stadium”. The management was being pretty liberal with their use of the term “Stadium”. I think Bangla must have spent its former life as a disco, or club. I get there about 9PM just in time to watch the kids going at it. 1000 baht for the cheap seats what a fucking piss take. I show them my national ID and they look at me like so? Oh did I mention my wife is white?

I notice there are about a quarter of the fights are with foreign fighters. (Precisely what the folks at Sinbi were talking about.) The fights are okay, but I wasn’t expecting much. To be honest the quality of Muay Thai was better Bay Area fights (strike force). For a moment I find myself wanting to fight. It’s doable…

I’m sitting in the cheap seats so there is all kinds of gambling going on. It’s funny watching the trainers looking at the bookies between rounds making bets. The trainer would spend a moment instructing his fighter then look over 10 seconds later to make a bet. I was watching the bookies trying to get one of the Sinbi trainers to make a bet on one of his students. He just smiled and shook his head no.

Any of you guys have any experience fighting in one of the smaller venues?


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  1. When camps like Sinbi set up foreigners to fight, do they actually pick legitimate Thai opponents. I’ve seen a couple of the Sinbi videos on Youtube and in all honesty, it looks like some of the opponents were picked way from the bottom of the barrel. Of course we’re all of varying abilities and maybe I simply haven’t allowed for the fact that there may be amateurs and hobbyist practitioners of the sport in Thailand. But some of those fight look… hella lame.

  2. That all sounds pretty dope Nopstar. I had a similar experience at the fights on Koh Samui. Chaweng Stadium actually had really good fights, not any foreigners though, and the fighting was very competitive. I cant say much for recommending the gym on Koh Samui, but the fights were really good.

    I also saw an overweight, tatted-up american fight at Pattaya stadium. He had no business being in the ring, especially against a thai. His kick did not resemble anything close to MT, and even though he outweighed the thai by 40+ pds, I kinda felt bad for him when the thai started planting elbows in his face.

  3. So when can we suit someone up from our gym and send them over? I think we have many prospects- Pajero, BJ, and Alejandro (older TKD guy with glasses)- they are all fit and ready for action.

  4. Hey Nopstar, I’m wondering why the prices were so high to get into the stadium. Is there normally a “Thai” price that you weren’t lucky enough to receive?

  5. Hey Cowpaste-

    The prices are high because it’s a tourist trap. 75% of the people were tourists, while the rest were hard core gamblers. I would be willing to bet they pay either nothing or 100 baht to get in.

    Do you know the average wage in Thailand is? I think the average wage in Thailand is 7,500-10,000 baht a month.

    A majority of the folks going to see this probably make far less then the average. So 1,000 baht tickets are ridiculous.

    I can’t remember but I’m pretty sure I paid 100- 200 baht to get into rajadomnern.

  6. Thai’s pay 60THB entry into the fights.

    Farangs use to pay 1000 THB entry but they put the prices up to 1300 THB in january 2007.

    The quality of the fights is far better @ Patong Muaythai Stadium, @ Bangla Stadium they give away title belts like candy, first time fighters can be the local champion with out much effort..

    Many of the Thai’s that fight farangs @ bangla stadium are construction workers, they are payed 3000 THB per fight (win or lose).

    Not alot of heart or skill, but the Tourists dont know much better.

    The fighters use to get paid 2000 THB per fight but since the entry free was increased their has been more money available in the kitty to devide between the fighters.
    Most Farangs now get paid 3000 – 5000 THB per fight.

    If you want to see quality fights when you are @ Phuket >>> head to Patong Stadium on sai nam yen road.

  7. Hello Nopstar

    I emailed you a few days ago inregards to comments you have made in your article in regards to training @ Rawai Muaythai Camp.

    I was hoping you would amend your article or delete the crap you wrote about Rawai Muaythai, but I see no change.. Disapointing !

    I will fwd your blog to the owners @ Rawai Muaythai and let them deal with it..

    For your readers .. below is the comments in question >>>

    There were a lot of foreign students who had just recently come over from Rawai Muay Thai: Italians, Australians, English and American’s. They were all pretty fed up with scene over there. I was told that unless you’re a pro fighter they weren’t interested in spending anytime on you. I haven’t spent anytime at Rawai, but judging from the number of defections I would have to say there must be some truth to it all.

    As the wab site @ VERY Clearly shows …. most of the students fighting @ Rawai are NOT pro fighters.

    Rawai Muaythai Camp is a very buzy gym with 50+ students every month, compared with Sinbi gym that has 5 – 10 students most months.

    The 20 students that defected to Sinbi gym from Rawai Muaythai was because Rawai had more than 30 extra students turn up at the gym with out a reservation, sooo with Rawai being MAXED OUT all month .. the over flow of students went to Sinbi Gym..

    Rawai Muaythai is a quality Training Gym and by far the most popular Muaytahi Gym @ Phuket.
    check out the web site and judge for your self >>

  8. In Nopstar’s defense those were comments told to him by those foreign students….those were their views not his views so why should he take the article down??? You are free to come on the forum and state your opinion, and prove your point, but I don’t think I agree with you telling the man what to do on his own website.

    “I will fwd your blog to the owners @ Rawai Muaythai and let them deal with it..”….very mature!!!!

  9. Danny-

    Sorry to disappoint. I went down there to train, met a bunch of people who had a lot of negative things to say. I prefaced my comment by saying I haven’t spent any time at Rawai.

    Seeing your explanation makes things more clear. Wow 30 extra students is a large group… how many trainers do you have there?

    If people are offended or lose sleep over the crap I write, then I apologize. Go train where ever you want, don’t listen to me. If you’ve been to Rawai and you love it good for you.

    If your thinking about going then be prepared to do some home work.

  10. So the owners are going to sue Nopstar for defamation of character from the other side of the world because he passed along the views/opinions of a third party? hahaha What a damn joke. Maybe you should be giving your people at Rawai some of the constructive criticism you’ve seen here so that they can stop the exodus of people training. This blog is not intended for bickering. If you don’t like what is being discussed feel free to be a big boy and excercise your freedom of moving on. We all know and respect each other and thoroughly enjoy this blog and encourage you to participate so long as you can be civil and respectful.

  11. Why would I Sue Nopstar .., you must be an American to make such a stupid comment … hmmmm….. freedom of speech is a wonderful thing isent it !

    Rawai Muaythai currently has 16 trainers & 37 students during June 07….
    I drove past Sinbi Gym yeaterday and saw less than 10 students training !

    Hmmmm….. with out last months over flow of students from Rawai Muaythai, Sinbi Muaythai is near empty !

    Im not Bitching ! I know Rawai is far superior to
    Not only Sinbi gym but all that of ALL the other Muaythai Gyms @ Phuket, With 30+ students every month @ Rawai for the past 4 years… our continued sucess speaks for it self !

    If Nopstar had taken the time to look @ our web site he would have seen that most of our fighters are Amature forgien students and NOT Pro fighters like he has quoted in his blog..

    I dont think 20 of the students commented on the bad training @ Rawai as most of the students that went to Sinbi gym never trained @ Rawai, they turned up with out a reservation and no accommodation was available for them. sooo who’s the source of the shit ??? hmm.. Sinbi management in a desperate attempt to slander the compertation !

    NOPSTAR… I have enjoyed the blogs on your web site in the past, they have always been well writen and entertaining, but it appears you write what ever shit people tell you with out you checking facts … shame on you ….. your creditably in my opnion has gone down the toilet.

    As a webmaster myself I fully understand the power of the blogs we write. !

    A good jurno would have check his facts… !

  12. Blah …Blah ..Blah..American.. blah..blah blah.. Bullsh!t..blah blah ..more BS.. I am greater than thou and think that the more i write the more right I am. BAH BYE!!..hahahahaha

  13. fourchamberz on

    I am going to have to completely disagree with you. I just recently came back from Sinbi Muay Thai Camp and had a great experience. Giat and Sing, Son and the other trainers really push you and correct your technique. They will not throw you into the ring when you are not ready. Now as far as Rawai Gym, Rawai is the more popular gym because Sinbi Camp hasn’t been opened that long. Rawai is flooded with tourist wanna-be fighters. I will not talk bad about the gym, but everything I am saying is coming from someone that I talked to at Nai Harn who had been staying at Rawai. He told me that the fighters didn’t run in the morning together and the trainers never minded any attention to him. He had never fought a day in his life and was there for like two weeks and booked a fight at Patong Stadium and lost. As a matter a fact, the kid was asking me for tips at the beach because Rawai wasn’t helping him.

    Go figure…

  14. fourchamberz on

    Once again I have not gone to Rawai myself, but there were fighters at Sinbi that had trained at Rawai previously and went to Sinbi specifically because Sing used to teach at Rawai. I like the feel of Sinbi camp and when having less students that means you get more personal one on one time with the instructors. If you 30+ students or whatever they have at Rawai I cannot imagine you getting much time with the trainers. The same thing goes for Tiger the other popular gym. All I know is when we went to support our fighters at Bangla all our fighters won.

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