Badr Hari vs Gokhan Saki


It’s been a long time since we’ve had any heavyweight K1 action on My Muay Thai.  This fight has been hyped for a couple of months as it’s Badr Hari’s farewell fight.  I think his plan is to move into Boxing…   He’s got a ridiculous KO ratio (78%) but  I have serious doubts about how he’ll fare…   This fight took place on the Showtime card held in the Netherlands this weekend.

Anyway I’ve enjoyed watching him fight over the years,  and I’m sorry to see him


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  1. 2 of my favorite heavy weights in k1.. Actually I think they are my favorites to watch over overeem :) Badr made Ghokan saki look like easy meat in this fight but if you watch his other fights Ghokan saki is insanely fast and a devastating fighter. I hope Badr does get his crack at boxings heavy weight world championship. I will be definitely cheering him on. Ohh and u know the usual staredown those heavy weights in boxing like to give at the beginning while the ref is giving them the talk before the bell? Well i aint seen no one stare the way badr does.. it doesnt look like a put on from him… he really does look psycho lol….scare the shit out of anyone…Best of luck Mr Hari

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