Badr Hari vs. Alexey Ignashov


I was actually looking forward to this fight.  These are the two guys who I personally feel are the most technical of the heavyweights.  As some of you know Ignashov is a Nak Muay and has had wins over most of the top WGP fighters.  He’s had issues for the past couple of years… he just doesn’t hasn’t been able to kick it into gear.   I think Ignashov is the last of the Nak Muay’s in the heavy weight division, the rest are for all intensive purposes kickboxers.  Anyway here you go:

Once again thanks to Jurevycius2 for sharing and uploading.

[youtube cy856cbZpIk 550]


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  1. seen tremendous skill in ignashov for a heavy weight. didnt do shit with it though.
    badr was awesome. the teep contests were dope. the crowd was fucking pathetic. it really stood out how dead these tools were. i think they were handing out xanax at the entrance or the audience was full of senior citizens.

    the commentator mentions badr used to do muay thai. i never knew that

  2. yeah I was quite surprised with ignashovs movement and waited all the time for some fancy counters, maybe the crowd expected a serious knock down/ brawl action match.

    badr and muaythai? some info on that would be interesting

  3. I’ve read somewhere that Badr had trained at Sitan for a while but I don’t know if he actually fought under them. As far as the red scorpion, he had just kicked out a drinking problem he’d had for years….3 months prior to this fight…it’s fair to say that he’s probably still workin towards gettin’ back into his old shape it may have been a lil too early for him to start fighting the likes of Badr. Nopstar…I’m quite certain Bonjasky is a Nakmuay as well as Paul Slowinsky. I really wish Ignashov the best of luck…I always liked him. From what Schiavello (the voice) was saying…it seems like the Red Scorpion had to beg to be allowed back into K-1…I wonder if he’ll get invited back now.

  4. Ha ha- you have to surch for Badr`s first fight in Thailand on youtube- funny stuff ;-)
    I have seen it a month ago and was really wondering about Badrs look- it was really muay thai- but anyway in my opinion his aditude is not good for sport
    always a bit disrespecting his oponent- sometimes he got what he deserves. ha ha

    Peace & MT

  5. i disagree. people might say that cus of what he did to bonjasky. but fuck bonjasky. he just is who he is and cannot fake his emotions. myself, as well as many others were routing for him to win that last k1 thing. his war with overreem was epic.

  6. Hi im new to this site in regards to signing up but i been enjoying checking in everyday for about a year now i think. Anyway according to wikipedia :
    Badr Hari began practicing kickboxing at the age of seven, under the guidance of former World Champion Mousid Akamrane.As a teenager he trained under Mohammed Ait Hassou at the Sitan Gym. When the Sitan Gym moved to Rotterdam, Badr joined the famous Chakuriki Gym ran by Thom Harinck. Under Harinck, Hari developed into one of the greatest kickboxing talents of the Netherlands.
    Here is a link u can check out for video of hari in his early years at chakuriki gym part1
    and part 2

  7. Am I the only one who really dislike ignashov? Even though he is very scillful he does not deserve to be in k-1. This has nothing to do with his drinking problem. He doesnt have the heart. I mean, this isn’t the first time he steps up in the ring n doesn’t do shit!

    As I see it the only reasing why he is “fighting” (or at least spending time in the ring) is for the green.

    Altough I really dislike the k-1 organisation I still think it’s really disrepectful to come begging for another shot, and then he… doesn’t do shit to prove him self?!

    If u disagree with me, just look at some of his other fights. From what I can remember this is almost the only way he “fights”, at least most of the time.

    If he doesn’t get his shit together n start to actually fight, he should be kicked tha fuck out of k-1.


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