Badr Hari Coming to London?

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Badr Hari Coming to London?

Published on March 23, 2010 with 3 Comments

Badr Hari

Rumour has it Badr is currently in talks with the Moroccan Olympic body about representing Morocco as a heavyweight boxer in the London 2012 Olympics.

All I’ve got to say is he’d better get boxing… He’s a fantastic fighter but a boxer he is not.  For those of you who’ve boxed and have experience with MuayThai you know that they are very different worlds.

You have a handful of Thai fighters who’ve moved successfully between boxing and Muay Thai and vice versa, but these guys are exceptions.

I think if Badr took some time to clean up his hands, it would pay huge dividends in his K-1 career.  He loves his haymakers and catches enough opponents … but I think against a decent boxer get torn up.

Here are the boxing finals from last summer’s games.  These guys actually have pretty good hand speak for big boys… how do you think Badr would fair?

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  1. Exactly as you said Nop. Badr would be making canvas snow angels. With that being mutually acknowledged I sincerely hope Badr tries his hand at boxing.

    He does have a chance though since boxing in the Olympics has pretty much devolved into point karate with boxing gloves. Not a good chance, but Badr does have a chance.

  2. I think he will get mad and probably stomp some faces in the ground

  3. Theres a show on in germany this weekend sat 4th of april called s-8 wundertal.Does anyone know where it can be watched online??sanchai and a fighter called dee from sinbi in phuket on the card

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