Back to Court


Honestly it looks like the only people making money from muay thai are the lawyers.  Looks like Thai Fight and Buakaw et al. will be back in court.  This time it isn’t Thai Fight saving the golden goose from his evil owner…it’s Thai Fight suing for breach of contract.

So what the hell is going on?  A couple of months ago, Buakaw and TopKing broke ranks from Thai Fight.  The Banchamek camp wasn’t happy as Thai Fight was using Buakaw’s pic… it was being used on a bank card, and a low cost carrier airline.  Thai Fight said it owned all of the rights to the photos and was within it’s right to pimp it out.

So Buakaw and Topking roll out and are apart of the Muay Thai Max promotion… which looks a lot like Thai Fight take 2… in the video, the CEO of Sport Art, the people in charge of Thai Fight, are showing how in the Max Muay Thai promotional Video they are using images of Buakaw fighting in Thai Fight.

Unfortunately this is quite typical of most Thai peoples attitude on intellectual property and copyrights.  I’m sure the max and  Buakaw people were like it’s just a picture, why can’t I use my own picture?

Anyway, this is getting old and played out.


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