Artem Levin vs. Kaoklai


Here is a fight that took place this past week in Russia.  It features Artem Levin and WBC light heavyweight champion Kaoklai Kaennorsing in a 5 round full muay thai rules bout.

Just a caveat… I’m not posting this because it’s good muay thai, in fact it’s pretty ugly muay thai.   I’m posting it as these guys are the tops in the 77kg category.

Levin has been on streak, winning the sport accord games gold medal and it’s Showtime belt.  I’m not a fan of Levin.  I think he’s a bit of a cock.   There’s a few points in this where he tosses Kaoklai out of the ring and tries to hit with an illegal elbow… I’m not a huge Kaoklai fan either but I think it’s uncalled for.

Last time I expressed this, I think there was some sentiment that this was some sort of reverse discrimination.  That if I Thai acted this way it would be ok.    I’m not fussed about the taunting…  I just felt the ring toss was uncalled for… Levin was already dominating him and he just didn’t need to do it.

Part II

[youtube t7X6QJncJI4 590]


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