Anuwat vs. Amrani – Slamm 5


Props to Patrbr for the email and the uploads…  I’d like to hunt down some of Mosab’s previous fights.

[youtube Ak6OqQvcy94]

I was surprised by his aggressiveness in the first round.  I think the Thai’s know that the feel out round doesn’t really exist outside of Thailand
I haven’t done any thinking around the phenomena. Why is it we don’t ever really see it fights outside of Thailand?  Do you think that we focus so much on the quick win, the KO, the “Shock and Awe” that we don’t care for a warm up round?

[youtube maJ6vorFB8w]

Sorry I don’t mean “we”, I know there are a lot of readers from the Europe, Australia and Asia.  In the states, I think there is a culture of getting to business when it comes to ring and combat sports.

Anyway, sorry to get sidetracked this was just something that came to mind watching these guys slug it out.

Anuwat will always be one of my favorite fighters, always.  That being said, he’s lost a step…  I’m not taking anything away from Amrani, that dude is awesome, great energy, lots of aggression and nice elbows.

I think this was the best fight of the evening…


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  1. I’ve always like the slow/feely pace of the first round in Thai fights. It’s kind of like “hey, we both train our asses off, so let’s not let it go to waste in the first round”
    Same with the last round if it’s been a blowout, backing off and just keeping the other out of range. “it’s obvious who won the fight, the only way to win is with a KO, which is unlikely, so let’s not injure ourselves needlessly.”

  2. To be honest, the slow pace in Thai fights is one of the reasons why I dont like to watch most Thai fighters. It often looks like they’re not interested. The Thai fights on this blog often disappoint me, even when some others might find it an ‘allout war’. The lack of combinations (punches/kicks) and the slow pace from the Thais are the main reasons I prefer European (Dutch) fightes.
    Dont get me wrong, I respect the Thai fighting style and the fighters, but it’s not my cup of tea.

  3. I like the slow pace of the Thai’s much better and think it – generally – makes for a much cleaner, more technical fight (the furious American pace so often leads to sloppy punchfests). But at the same time I think sometimes it’s taken too far and the fight can turn slow and a bit tedious.

    IMO the slower pace is two-fold. 1) Thai’s have a certain amount of confidence from their experience and a sense that there’s no need to rush. It’s kind of a “I know I’m tough, I know I can fight with the best of them, so there’s nothing to prove by rushing into it.” 2) Thai’s, from experience and general toughness, don’t seem as obsessed to beating the other to the punch. I think this is b/c they are confident in their training and their defense to know they can stand their ground and take whatever their opponent dishes out.

  4. I agree 100% with Judasz and I’ll add another argument:

    If a fight end up in 1st round in Thailand people won’t have time to bet, and the crowd won’t like it.

    Again, is their job, they have to keep everybody happy.

  5. H LoL????
    TexTm I agree
    Judasz and Dudamir, Good Points
    Myself, I like the slow paced style too, it shows that a lot of consideration is being done, the carefullness of injuries, the fact that they are there as employees in the fight buisness and the Betters have a huge say, and the typical Asain and particular Thai self confidence vs the Western and Middel East Raging Angry Scary Rowdy Slugger, Now im not saying There arent any Cool and Calm fighters from West and Middel eastern countries, but the Best Farang fighter Dekkers couldnt be considered the Most Coolest, his nickname “Turbine From Hell” Depicks that. A cool Farang Muay could be Soren Mongkongtong or JWP. Or Petroysan.

  6. Haha
    I liked how all the thais are just in awe that it was stopped for a relatively small cut like that. especially below the eye! They should’ve let it go on

  7. Oh come on, Shane. It was a gaping *nasty* cut. Let him go! Anuwat has a nice face, doesn’t have to ruin it yet.

    Must admit, having dealt and caught a few (split my upper lip and eyebrow) I’m not a big fan of elbows anymore. Its just not worth it.

  8. I do like a middle ground; a fight with a good pace and not a sloppy sluggo. However there are fighters who can put on a very technical, fast paced aggressive fight. Slow pace enables me to see technique in action..however being in the US..we mjust also be prepared for the people who can go full pace from 1st bell till end. In alot of fights I see here…the sluggers are gassed by mid 2nd. Takes a good fighter to keep that pace all the way and maintain technical integrity

  9. Anuwat is a tough mofo. Bovy has a similar style, but with less weapons as Anuwat. I do like a bit more technique in fights, but I really like the toughness shown by Anuwat and Bovy- just doesn’t make for long career.

  10. I was bummed about this fight. I like Anuwat a lot, he’s so strong with Mike Tyson style punches. I think he’s on the decline in terms of his career. His opponent deserved the win. His opponent wasn’t as strong but made up for it in quantity.

  11. Gusnark aka Sandjora on

    Amrani showed great skills, but this is Anuwat he was fighting. Towards the end of the 3rd round Amrani was getting tired and Anuwat showing his superiority. That cut probably saved Amrani from getting his ass whooped in the 4th and 5th. Nonetheless great fight.

  12. i think that the main problem is that the thais always except to fight in heavier weight cathegories without seeing their natural body limits…anuwat was fighting 54-57 kgs at his end of his career and now in this fight 63 kgs by taking extra pounds for this fight…buakaw also was 68 with by increasing his weight whereas “sato,kyshenko decreasing their natural weight from 80 kgs down to 71 kgs..during 1980 ‘s there was “fanta attapong” , he accepted also to fight “wathorst” who was 11 kgs heavier and this fight was the end of his career…jomhod also, if the thais who are good should fight in their weight limits..otherwise ,they cannot afford the heavier,stronger blows of their opponents..
    there is a sppechword:

    “power beats the technique…”

  13. ercan gurgoze- if that happens then who is there left for the thais to fight internationaly? there are next to no adequate farangs who weigh around what the thais weigh.

    Abit like the paqcheo vs. Delahoya fight. there r no opponents good enough in manny’s weight class to match him. To find glory, he needed to go beyond the boundry.

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