Anuwat vs. Amrani – Slamm 5


Props to Patrbr for the email and the uploads…  I’d like to hunt down some of Mosab’s previous fights.

[youtube Ak6OqQvcy94]

I was surprised by his aggressiveness in the first round.  I think the Thai’s know that the feel out round doesn’t really exist outside of Thailand
I haven’t done any thinking around the phenomena. Why is it we don’t ever really see it fights outside of Thailand?  Do you think that we focus so much on the quick win, the KO, the “Shock and Awe” that we don’t care for a warm up round?

[youtube maJ6vorFB8w]

Sorry I don’t mean “we”, I know there are a lot of readers from the Europe, Australia and Asia.  In the states, I think there is a culture of getting to business when it comes to ring and combat sports.

Anyway, sorry to get sidetracked this was just something that came to mind watching these guys slug it out.

Anuwat will always be one of my favorite fighters, always.  That being said, he’s lost a step…  I’m not taking anything away from Amrani, that dude is awesome, great energy, lots of aggression and nice elbows.

I think this was the best fight of the evening…


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