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The latest issue of MuayThai Mag is out on newsstands.  I got my copy the other day… If you don’t have a subscription you can get one here.  If you’d like to see what the magazine is  all about, you can go and peruse their online version.

This month they had an interview with Antuan Siangboxing.  I had seen he’s name on forums for a while but never really dug into his profile until the other day.  I think his promoter and manager are doing a very good job getting his name out there.

Originally from France, his family relocated to Thailand, Prachuap (Nuesiam’s hometown) when he was quite young.  Antuan began his training at 11 and had his first fight at Lumpini at 14.  Antuan is currently the youngest foreign fighter to have ever fought at Lumpini.  He’s currently 17 and appears to be on the move. He’s currently 77 fights 63 Wins with 60 KO’s

I think a lot of people reading this will say “so what…” if he were Thai we probably wouldn’t be talking about him.  I think they would be right to some degree… I don’t actually view him as a foreign fighter.  I could be wrong but I think he’s live in Thailand for a majority of his life… far as I’m concerned he’s home grown. I think he’s got an interesting story, and it’s worth telling. Ultimately it comes down to marketing the sport of Muay Thai, if it helps get Thai’s and the outside world talking about Muay Thai, great.

It seems to be a family affair as his younger brother Leo is said to be a far more technical fighter then Antuan was at his age.  They liken his fighting style to Saenchai… I’ve got to see this.

[youtube 6Qlp9mDcHmA]

Hopefully, Antuan has surrounded himself with good people and he’ll be able to extend the longevity of his career.  I wish him only the best.


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