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I struggled with this post… wasn’t sure if I could justify putting it up on MyMuayThai.  I’ve only ever posted a handful of MMA clips on here.  Come to think of it one of the last one’s I remember posting was Anderson playing with Rich Franklin in the clinch.  He’s a Nak Muay so I guess I’ll make an exception for him. Props to Mathia83 for the upload.

[youtube Pl-xStKKD8I]

After that fight everyone and their mother wanted to know what a Muay Thai clinch was aka plum.  You can credit Anderson for brining the Muay Thai clinch into the world of MMA.   Anderson once again show’s that he’s a Nak Muay.  I see Irvin has been spending time in Fairtex Pattaya and training with Ganyao…  I’m almost certain Ganyao didn’t teach him to drop his guard like that when your kick’s been caught. I can still hear him screaming, “You kick like a girrrl!” 

This isn’t new to most of you, in fact most of the places I’ve ever trained drill this quite a bit.  If you leg is caught you can almost certainly expect to get swept, Kicked or punched in the face.   I would prefer the first two any day…

I know Anderson spent last summer training in Thailand… does anyone know where?  I heard in Phuket or Samui.  I like his little Muay Boran tribute at the end.  Anyway here is another clip of him fighting modified Muay Thai rules… I imagine this clip has to be really old.  He’s pretty unorthodox in the way he moves…

Anyway I wish him continued success, and hope he can continue to represent Nak Muay’s in MMA.


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