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I struggled with this post… wasn’t sure if I could justify putting it up on MyMuayThai.  I’ve only ever posted a handful of MMA clips on here.  Come to think of it one of the last one’s I remember posting was Anderson playing with Rich Franklin in the clinch.  He’s a Nak Muay so I guess I’ll make an exception for him. Props to Mathia83 for the upload.

[youtube Pl-xStKKD8I]

After that fight everyone and their mother wanted to know what a Muay Thai clinch was aka plum.  You can credit Anderson for brining the Muay Thai clinch into the world of MMA.   Anderson once again show’s that he’s a Nak Muay.  I see Irvin has been spending time in Fairtex Pattaya and training with Ganyao…  I’m almost certain Ganyao didn’t teach him to drop his guard like that when your kick’s been caught. I can still hear him screaming, “You kick like a girrrl!” 

This isn’t new to most of you, in fact most of the places I’ve ever trained drill this quite a bit.  If you leg is caught you can almost certainly expect to get swept, Kicked or punched in the face.   I would prefer the first two any day…

I know Anderson spent last summer training in Thailand… does anyone know where?  I heard in Phuket or Samui.  I like his little Muay Boran tribute at the end.  Anyway here is another clip of him fighting modified Muay Thai rules… I imagine this clip has to be really old.  He’s pretty unorthodox in the way he moves…

Anyway I wish him continued success, and hope he can continue to represent Nak Muay’s in MMA.


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  1. Nice clip, it is always nice to see Muay Thai have an influence in MMA. The more it shows its chops there, the more popular it gets in the US! What’s with the ‘Gladiator’ style music during the clip though?

  2. That’s funny, I just commented on Silva in the last post…

    I really like his composure and the respect he shows. It’s normal to see Nak Muay’s behave like this but not MMA fighters.

    Nop, you say Silva moves in an unorthodox way. I think what he’s done is taken the movement from western boxing and incorporated it into muay thai. My kru moves in much the same way – stay on the outside, lots of lateral movement, tire your opponent out having to constantly readjust. Move move move then strike, then move again. It’s fun to watch.

  3. That movement is more indicative of kick boxing… probably the most pronounced tell of people who don’t come from traditional muay thai. I’m curious what Silva’s MT camp was like.

  4. Nop,
    kicking like a girl? Man, that post was funny. :)
    I find this post pretty interesting since I don’t follow UFC/MMA at all.

    “That movement is more indicative of kick boxing”
    That’s correct, I’ve trained kickboxing and you’ll always see this constant bouncing and circling around the ring, unless he was nervous as hell, hehe. Good win for Silva.

  5. i forgot who trains silvas muay thai. i think its on the countdown for this ufc fight. i know one of his stand up coaches was a taekwando (SP?) champ as well as a muay thai champ. he’s a very honorable opponent and very fluid fighter. he impresses me everytime i watch him fight. much respect to irvin for taking that fight cause they offered that fight to about 4 other fighters before him and they all turned it down. i think silvas greatest ability as a fighter is to think while he is fighting. he is quite the tactician.

  6. That’s what Irvin gets for not throwing a proper low kick. It seems low kicks are very under-used in MMA and if they are used, they used wrong most of the time. If he would have sprung out to the left on that low kick, he would have missed the punch in the face a lil’ easier, ha.

    None the less – it’s always good to see someone with pretty good Muay Thai skills in MMA, such as Anderson.

  7. In a MMA fight it looks cool, a guy showing MT to the world. But once in the ring in a MT bout, I can’t stand so “unthai” fighting styles.

  8. Don’t get me wrong, I love traditional muay thai guys, but I also think the art is constantly changing and evolving. Just like guys don’t use muay boran much at all anymore, nak muays are using more western boxing for their punches and, more and more, western boxing (or kickboxing – that’s a fair statement) movement. As my Kru says, why sit there and take punishment when you can move. Not run, but move.

  9. On the kick, yeah…it’s generally not a good idea to have your hands down and just look at your opponent when he catches your kick. I don’t know, maybe the catch surprised him? If you’re fighting a thaiboxer and you don’t know he might catch your kicks, you’re not prepared.

  10. “As my Kru says, why sit there and take punishment when you can move.”

    One thing that I like about Muay Thai is that most fighters just go head on with each other. I find that compared to other fight sports, Muay Thai has a lot more to do with not just dishing out, but also taking a lot of pain. Kickboxers evade kicks a lot more, while Nak Muays just check them with a “It hurts me, but it hurts you more” mentality.

    Do fans in Thailand appreciate Anderson Silva’s type of movement?

  11. its nice to see muay thai in mma WHEN ITS DONE RIGHT. decent to good muay thai form is pretty rare in mma. those horribly thrown ‘superman’ punches annoy me pretty bad. silvas main camp is the chute boxe gym. same as wanderlais. they do muay thai there for srtiking from what i remember. judging by their fighters theres seems to be a big emphasis on muay thai.

  12. omfg look at silvas ridiculous movements, its not even muay thai he should just stick with mma, he would get murdered in the ring with if he was fighting naruepol, yodsanklai, yoddecha sidyodtong, or buakaw, bringing muhamed ali to MT wont do it lol

  13. greghow, nice observation.
    However, equal opponents are always dishing out and taking a lot of pain, no matter if is Kickboxing or Muay Thai.
    But I agree that Muay Thai is more tough.
    Muay Thai fighters use front kick (to evade counters), and many times don’t evade. It’s a different approach and communication between the fighters then in other disciplines. It’s a test of toughness.

  14. I agree with grehow, I like the aspect that you have to be tough as nails to compete against the best. I think part of logic behind taking the damage and holding your ground, is you can counter faster and harder than if you’re evading (minus a few slips and snaps, obviously).

  15. When hitting the pads for the first few times, any of the Krus would throw a punch or kick, and I’d step back or evade. Every time I did this they’d have a look of disappointment in their faces and say “Wag kang aatras. Wag kang matakot. Hindi pwedeng takot sa laban”, meaning “Don’t move back. Don’t be afraid. Fear is not acceptable in a fight.” I guess this isn’t always the wisest thing to live by, and it’s probably up to the fighter during a fight to decide if it is best to be “evasive” or just fight head-on like a ram.

  16. Greghow-

    Strictly speaking from a Muay Thai perspective you should have a strong, unmovable base. It’s preferable to stand and block then to always evade.

    From a judging perspective if you block and remain unmoved and solid, great. If you block and half your weight shifts because of your opponents kick… then he scores.

    My former trainer Neungsiam would scold me for evading too often and broke me of that habit. It really comes down to efficiency of motion, / conserving your energy. Most importantly it isn’t Muay Thai. As I mentioned the sidestepping and the hopping about is indicative of Kickboxing. No Thai Nak Muay hops around.

    Have you ever fought anyone who hops around? They are highly susceptible to leg kicks. It’s very difficult to block a leg kick, when your hopping around. Normally you try to time so you kick as they are shifting their weight to one of their legs. You’ll catch them 90% of the time…

    also welcome to MMT Noise666

  17. nopstar,

    Thanks for the warm welcome. I’ve been a long visitor just never got around to signing in until this post, ha! Matee is my trainer so when we started discussing leg kicks I had to chime in.

    On another note – yes, hopping around isn’t Muay Thai, I agree. That being said – Matee is more o fa counter fighter, but doesn’t move too much like your average kick boxer. I think we can both agree Neungsiam and Matee know a thing or two about Muay Thai, haha!

    Low kicks are my favorite tool in my arsenal. Big fan.

  18. “Gregshow, your Kru is filipino? LOL.

    where do u train?”

    Hell, I’m Filipino! I’m a newb who trains at Ultra, just started early this year. I’m pretty sure most of you guys who post here and train can beat the shit out of me. You?

  19. Nice Insider Knowlegde, I didnt know It wasnt considered MT if you hopped around, I love hopping around, evading and constantly making my opponent reaim and reconfigure his attacks. Its energy consuming but I always had the Stamina for it, and yes my stamina is a bit higher than average! Kaoklai jumps around in the Heavieweights, But I guess its his special style of Muay Thai????Help me out.

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