Aikpracha vs. Karim Ghajji

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Published on February 04, 2013 with 11 Comments

This is the finals of the 4 man “Les Nuit Des Titan” tournament.  Here’s a link If you haven’t seen the semi final bout between Aikpracha and Yuri.  This is the 3rd elite Thai nak Ghajji has faced.  He’s fought both Naruepol and Yodsanklai a few years ago and lost on decisions.  Maybe it would be a good time to ask for a rematch with Yod?

Many thanks to Chokdeevideo for the upload.

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  1. that damn ‘fixing the shorts’ tic…

  2. Errm, I guess Karim was a bit lucky. Bessmertny rocked Aikpracha`s head too hard before, though Aikpracha did all to not to show the pain, and Aikpracha (i guess, again) threw all of his resourses to get the win in fight with Yuri.. leaving not much of endurance for the finals. Can` take anything from Karim, but a rematch (Karim vs Aikpracha) would be entertaining to watch.

  3. Nice knockout! Aikpracha will learn from this and I don’t think it will effect him in a bad way at all especially with all his experience. You have to remember that he has had 3 fights in the last 7 days one of which was an hour before against a heavy hitting yuri so not taking anything away from Karim because those were lovely shots and he deserved it. You can call it lucky but it doesn’t change the fact that Karim knocked him out. In a way i think this is good for aikpracha, he is still new in the International Muay Thai world and he will learn from it! Its good fighting like a bull and being able to take hard shots but no one is invincible and aikpracha will come back stronger!

  4. not seen the other fights, but there is no such thing as lucky in the fight game.That was a legitimate and proper knock out nothing lucky about it.You cant blame the format of a tournament either, thems the breaks..Aikpracha got fully battered in this.Well in to ghajji solid perfomrance.

  5. Oh hard luck for Aikpracha. He almost made tournament champion.. I guess he will be abit sore about having come so close to taking the belt home from this international but he has a great future ahead of him im sure and will not take things for granted next time around.. Not to say he did in this fight but he will be more determined next time to take the final. On a side note. You mentioned karim lost to nauepol and yod some years back… Is Naruepol still fighting or has he retired from fairtex

    • Naruepol joined Evolve MMA in Singapore as an instructor some months ago.

      • Oh thats great for Naruepol to land a job in singapore as an instructor. I wish him the best. He will have alot of experience and skill to offer his trainees. From what I seen of him on the contender he was real nice as a person. Deserves nothing but the best :)

  6. Did Karim fight Yod and Naruepol on “The Contender”? If so, is Karim the guy that Yod described as “big mouth, little heart”?

  7. Karim was on point the whole damn fight[s]. you could see in his face before the fight he was ready to win the tourney.

    dont quite know what was wrong with aik, he was getting cuahgt with waaaay too much shit from the start with the yuri fight. aikparacha doesnt seem to have any guard. he was just going for elbows and strikes and pushing forward. no defense whatsoever.

  8. Raffik Bokkouri was the guy in the condender. I guess he retired.

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