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The other day I wandered into one of Dave Pacquette’s session… let’s just say he’s a firm believer in conditioning. This was on Tuesday and I’m still sore as shit. It’s all good though, sometimes we all need a good kick in the ass to get us going.

[youtube 3apIUn9B8d8&NR=1]

We started the session with what Dave likes to call the “pre-requisites”. He gives you and your partner about 30 min. to complete 4 sets of pyramids kicks. (2 pyramids per leg) For those of you who aren’t familiar with Pyramids that’s where you work up a cumulative set of reps. So our pyramids are up to 20… so that’s 1 kick, 2 kicks, 3 kicks -20 kicks and back down. For those of you who aren’t rain man that’s 420 kicks per leg, or 840 kicks total. (I needed a calculator to figure that out)

[youtube va2Scc65R0c]

Dave says he wants us to hit a wall… then to work through that wall. If that’s what he wants, I could save a lot of time… my wall is about 60 kicks in.

My partner Dean is an effing beast. Dude powers through everything… really makes me sick. When he’s holding for me he keeps me honest, “Come on… good kicks!” I’d say about 400 kicks in, I want to shoot him in the face.

The rest of the class involves lots of pad kicking and working through pain and fatigue. It takes an incredible amount of focus and concentration to execute when you’re so beat physically.

[youtube UtEvZrhva98&NR=1]

Anyway this physical shock, was just the push I needed to get motivated. Muse was good enough to pass along these clips. The clips show Tyrone and Andy working it… I watched these and it totally got me in the mood to put some work in.

My good friend Mark Mian works with our other good friend Neungsiam on his strength and conditioning. Neungsiam admits that if he would’ve had Mark in his Lumpini days he would have extended the life of his career.

This is an area I think nearly all Thai fighters are lacking in. Conditioning in Thailand often amounts to running, pads and sparring. Yes it’s done to exhaustion… but there’s really no science behind it. I would love to see some of the top Thai fighters get with a good strength and conditioning guru. That would be scary…


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