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I started My Muay Thai back in 2006... I was tired of reading about MMA, and wanted somewhere I could watch real muay thai fights, be inspired and connect with others who love muay thai as much as I do... I currently live in London... when I'm not geeking out over muay thai you can find me bombing around London on my scrambler, ferreting out the latest street food gems.


  1. I thought that Masato looked pretty dynamic in the first two rounds. He used weapons other than his hands. In the third he relied mainly on his hands. A good fight. I liked Drago’s audacity with the spinning back kicks and the axe kick. Maybe he used to be a world champion in tae kwon do. Bitchin!

    matt lucas

  2. LorKoteKote on

    OMG!!! That was the ugliest fight ever. Ugly meaning the most ungraceful sh*t I’ve ever seen in my life. Hard to believe that’s Japan’s best. Their technique was really difficult to watch. So akward. Maybe he should spend less time roaring and more time fighting.

  3. LorKoteKote on

    p.s. I was talking about masato technique. AH!! His boxing makes me mad!!! Look at him drop his hands after every punch!!!! ARGH!!! They both look like the are fighting scared, so nervous and hesitent.

  4. thanks Nop for putting these vids here! realli appreciate it!

    Drago’s think he is in the WWE? what was the roar for? trying to inflict fear to Masato??nice try …lol!
    I cant believe Masato’s carrying this school boy hairdo! looks nerdy.

  5. LakeCity Dragon on

    Drago’s roar was whack and unnecessary. And so is Masato’s haircut. But they both made up for it with good fighting. Too many big ineffective kicks from Drago. And Masato sure can take a hit! Or maybe it’s because he’s able to move with Drago.

  6. I expected more from Drago, at least with his leg work.
    Overall pretty predicted fight. Drago likes to cover up and Masato was all over him.
    We’ll see how Masato will do against Sato. Since Masato is faster, he will most likely take it by UD.

  7. I read somewhere that Masato was wathcing Bruce Lee movies and got inspired by the late Moviestar/street fighting brawler. So he got a Bruce Lee haircut. NOT KIDDING!!!

  8. WOW, i would kill to have Masato’s handspeed and combinations, that is definitely a product of his boxing and kickboxing training, not Muay Thai. Though, i don’t think his skills would work as well against elbows and clinching, as well as the scorecards in Thailand anyway. But anywhere else outside of Thailand his punching skills are definitely a marketable asset.

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