2008 K-1 Max Final 8 – Buakaw vs. Sato


Big up to my K-1fans forum brothers, in particular Yassuo for taking the time to share with the rest of us. For those of you who can’t access veoh, you can watch here on dailymotion.  Thanks Gusnark for providing the dm link.

Buakaw Por. Pramuk vs. Yoshihiro Sato

[veoh v148398977aybHkdk]

Do not read beyond this spoiler alert!

I’m going to take some time and look at our little contest.  I need to see who was able to call this one.  Wow… somebody is having a laugh…

What can we say… if this didn’t he KTFO of Buakaw he would have one the decision.  No not because of the shading judging, but because he outworked Buakaw.

Lazy, lazy Buakaw… people are going to be looking at this and wondering if he was paid to take a dive, people will point to the fact that he wasn’t fighting like himself…. but in the end Sato got busy. It bums me out to see Buakaw lose… he’s still probably one of my favourite fighters of all time.   I just don’t think he was prepared for Sato to come out guns blazing.  To me he looked nonchalant, like it was no big deal.

As the round wore on he got into KO panic mode.  I think he realized he was down on points and needed the KO. Wow…

Judging from this round nobody is getting any prizes from me.  If anyone calls this bracket I’ll be impressed.


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