2007 K-1 MAX – Buakaw vs. Masato


Buakaw vs. Masato

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Here’s the one we’ve been waiting for. I will be posting the rest of the fights, over the next few hours.

[youtube nr0M47yJsEQ]


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  1. i can’t believe it… what happened to buakaw’s relentless middle-kicks and high-kicks? why was he in-fighting with masato? who got that into his head to step in and trade boxing lessons with masato? oh dammit… :(

    hats off to masato from a BPP nuthugger though. the first few minutes of the first round i thought masato wasn’t really gonna make it… but damn the man has heart! the japanese weren’t lying about him.

  2. Yup, here goes, when BPP got knock down he just gave up, i can totally tell he did. After watching the knock down several times, i conclude that it was a legit knock down. More legit than when Souwer knocked down Masato. BPP didn’t come back like a raging bull the way Kraus got the scam knock down on him. BPP doesn’t seem like himself, he need his old kick like crazy technique back. He fights without the passion and intensity like his old HUNGRY(2004) self was. Ive watched all the fights of BPP and Masato this year and Masato definitely deserved the win cause all this year Masato has fought like a hungry starving dog. Buakaw has lost it, hes been fighting like a stuck up too good, im the best assclown. His fight with Tosgo Amura and that Ologun and Niky Hotlzken was hardly serious. I want to say that i am cruelly mad at BPP because im a nuthugger still am just mad. I still cant BELIEVE BPP tried to punch it out with Masato!, come on BPP! everyone knows Masato is the better puncher. Like i said, i almost guarantee the old all kicks Buakaw could have beaten Masato. But BPP came it with the wrong game plan totally. This is long because BPP is my hero and im pissed because he fought like a douche.

  3. Yeah souvik!, BPP fucked up his game plan thinking he could out punch Masato. I watch/do a lot of boxing as well and Masato’s punching skillz are way over Buakaws. Should have stuck with his kicks like you said, hats off to Masato from a BPP nuthugger as well.

  4. If your having problems viewing the Divx format player then go to DAILYMOTION.com, someone has already posted the BPP VS. MASATO match. I just typed in BUAKAW in the search box and clicked on the MOSTED RECENT tap and found it, should not be hard unless your and idiot :D.

  5. BPP did not teep or left kick him nearly as much as he should have. . . . daym . . . i think buakaws heart is in question now as he hasn’t shown the fire inside him since he won the last max .. . .

  6. actually now that i think of it .. i think his losing is a good thing. .. . now hopefully he’ll open his eyes and see that he cant just abandon the weapons he used to first win. . .also i hope this will open the eyes of the nuthuggers to show that he can be beat. . .

  7. i’m just in a shock… i have thought that the passivity that buakaw showed in matches versus holtzen and amara, was only that he tried to save his shape for the final battles! but no, he lacked the power just like in all matches this year. i’m really disapponted:D

  8. Masato did win just that buakaw was trying to out punch him Masato looked exactly the same like he did in 2004 using punches
    even though buakaw lost he still kept masato on the run if he had a better game plan he would have dominated i think he was fighting like a clown and not using his weapons strongly enough

  9. I swear masato hasn’t changed that much in the last past 3 years he is still using his punches techniques are still the same but quicker
    basically buakaw wanted to out punch him he didn’t even use his high kicks and teeps he just came at him

    he was more aggressive and didn’t stop but buakaw used bad game plan

  10. I was really dissappointed by buakaw, he didn’t go aggressively like in 2004. I really missed his kicks…
    He barely used his left leg…
    But congratz to Masato…hopefully we will see a better buakaw next year

  11. deimian…i agreed with you
    Masato’s style hasnt change…

    Buakaw’s style has been completely diffrent from 2005 …after his lost against Souwer, he has been kind of passive and havent used his kicks so much as before

    And yea…buakaw used a bad plan..

  12. After watching all the fights, i conclude that even though my hero lost, it looks like Buakaw did the most DAMAGE! to Masato after all, which left him severely weakened for Souwers taking. Buakaw is still my hero!!!. Now its time to set up a 5 round Muay Thai match with BPP vs. Masato and see whos the real deal, i already know.

  13. K1 buakaw was still the enforcer in this fight because the man despite being hit still moved into masato if he used his bombs like is kicks teeps man that fight would be over he look too soft in this fight i thought if his hunger was still there he would have destroyed masato even worse than 2004

    masato looked like he was still having a hard time man kept retreating

    buakaw was more domintant, but masato got the points because of the hits that landed
    disappointing game plan where was the fire in the fight for buakaw
    masato fought better in 2004 than he did now just like buakaw, u know i don’t understand some people even if buakaw took punches and he had won the man oesn’t give up and he looks fresh because he trains soo much and hard that getting punched doesn’t phase him that much.

  14. souwer it should have been souwer vs buakaw again

    we all know where the potiential lies buakaw vs souwer they control it

    we all know if masato beats buakaw he can’t win against souwer

    in skill buakaws abilities are above everyones period souwer has enough toughness not to give up and beat his opponents it always should be buakaw vs souwer

  15. Masato deserved the win- he trained like a motherfucker and he even fought like one. Buakaw took some horrendous shots to the dome and still wanted to trade! He should not have tried to box with Masato, but props to him for taking some shots and giving some good ones, too! He was doing really well in round one up until the knock down. Hats off to both fighters for a definite tough match!

  16. Buakaw lost the first round because he got careless and got knockd down. He won the second round. But in the third he played into Masatos plan and tried to box when he should have been kicking. :( Good fight but I know buakaw can do alot better.

  17. Made respect to Masato… the first minute or two of the first round, I thought BPP was going to walk through him.

    I agree with everyone’s comments here… I’m glad it was decisive, he won fair and square.

    Hopefully Masato will be around next year, I’d love to see their rubber match.

  18. I dont know why BPP boxing wasnt as good as it was last year.
    The first round defo to Masato, he just out boxed BPP. The second round to BPP, he did get a fair few low level kicks in, but in the third, to me he seemed like he just wanted to clinch, but was getting smacked in the face for it.
    I am a big Buakaw fan, but Masato was good there.
    It seemed like Buakaw couldnt really be arsed and was going through the motions.

  19. I thought the first two rounds were great, and then it looked like BPP just gave up in the third … like he didn’t want it or just decided that he wouldn’t be able to come back regardless of what he did. I’ve actually been dissappointed in how he’s fought this year as well … he just seems content and not hungry.

    Masato did awesome though; no taking anything away from him. Too bad he just didn’t have enough left to take out Souwer, lol. Would have been nice to see him take it all.

  20. That was one great fight!! I loved the pace! Max is soo much beter than K1. I wish Buakaw used more muay thai tecniques such as the teep. It would have been one heck of a tough crowd to fight in front of.

  21. haha, I see Buakaw smiled before the start of the fight like ‘dammit im gonna lose regardless’. If the Japs want to continue and keep Buakaw away from future Max belts then they need to convince Masato not to retire because quiet frankly he and Souwer are the only two that can stop him now. If Masato does retire then I gurantee next year it will be Souwer vs. BPP .

  22. Hey, everybody. I’ve been lurking around this site for a while. And I thought it was time to make a comment.

    First off, I thought it was a great fight.

    I favored Masato in all three rounds. He was landing big shots to Buakaw’s melon across the whole fight.
    I was actually impressed that Buakaw was able to take so many clean shots – tough dude.

    I thought Masato’s combo’s were faster (and more accurate) than I’ve seen before. And it looked like he was following a well thought out fight plan with his combos.

    I don’t think Buakaw ‘gave up’. I think Masato MADE Buakaw fight the fight he wanted.

    I really hope Massato doesn’t retire.

  23. yes and no fight geek

    masato did fight good however his style hasn’t changed and it is true that buakaw wanted to out box him and not use kicks if he wanted the win that bad he would have used them and not keep them in the reserves

    no high kicks at all no teeps masato tried the same thing to buakaw in 2004 every time he go tclose buakaw teeped him masato didn’t even know what to do thats why i ams aying his style hasn’t changed

  24. Delmian,

    Good point on Masato’s style.

    You’re right, but I wasn’t saying Masato has changed his style . . . I just think he’s a shade faster than I’ve seen him before.

    The whole kick thing is interesting.
    Why do you think Buakaw didn’t use his push kick to maintain distance? And I think he only threw one high kick. It didn’t make any sense to me (from a strategic point of view).

    That’s why I tend to think Masato put Buakaw off his game.

    It seems crazy to me that the best kicker in the comp deliberately avoided using his kicks, just to prove he can box.

    Hmmm . . .

    I might watch the fight again.

    And I suppose I should get around to watching the other ones too :)

  25. i couldn’t make sense of that either buakaw could have used kicks any time

    his kicks are faster that his punches if u haven’t noticed

    i doubt masato put buakaw off otherwise buakaw wouldn’t have been moving forward after getting hit soo many times

  26. Buakaw’s game plan was shit. He tilted after the hard shot from masato in the first round. Right in the beginning of the second round he was rocked again (you can see his lead leg buckle a little). He also kept taking damaging punches without any significant reply.

    My understanding is that when you fight a boxer you want to kick them (in the arms) and keep them away from you. The kicker will usually win with that strategy as the kick has more power and longer range.

    Buakaw’s infighting made no sense at all. He did okay with it in the first round, and tolerable in the second but that was only because he ended his combinations with hard leg kicks. The kicks were what did any damage to Masato. I have no fucking idea what he was doing trying to outpunch Masato. During the infighting Buakaw didn’t even knee.

    Buakaw either got paid off or is a fucking idiot.

  27. If a fighter has good hands, and its clear thats his strong point, why the hell would he “change his style” over 3 years?
    Masato fought a good fight…some points, he DID teep…not alot but he used it, also I think he took some off Buakaws fire BEFORE the knock down when he caught the kick and returned fire. I think he just clearly controled the pace and it frustrated buakaw big time, then the knock down just made it worse.
    Some people have noted on here that the way to fight a boxer is to kick alot…sure..and the way to beat a great thai fighter is to out box them.

    Masato did that very well.

  28. AND!
    He came in SHAPE. good shape, great shape. Lean and mean.
    In addition to that, he has improved on catching jabs and countering from a distance and his right uppercut is sharper than before. Those are just the obivous improvements. I think his foot work is slicker too but I just watched the fight twice.

  29. my point is mr black that by the looks of things if masato didn’t change his style he has remained constant

    he hasn’t changed from 2004- 2007

    he didn’t control the pace of it who presses more often control the pace of the fight however who land the most shots win

    i recall in 2004 buakaw used high kicks after high kicks teeps after teeps

    basically what ia m saying is buakaws game plan sucked if masato really is as tough as buakaw then he would have not thrown in the towel

  30. masato looks the same everyone will agree with that
    thats why he hasn’t made it on top

    we all know that souwers road was easy

    even if buakaw had made it to the final we all know how he was fighting souwer would have beaten him
    cus it looked like he wanted to exchange

    do u honestly think that 2004 and 2007 buakaw are the same?

  31. buakaw doesn’t look beaten up after a match cus he can take it tough skin

    i woulodn’t have ever let masato get to finals he ain’t that kind of tough

    for most martials it started with muay thai i respect buakaw because he trains hard ghetto style with tires around him he more inspiring that the rest of these fighters. despite his loss(disappointing in terms of performance) he has proven what champions are made of.

    i don’t get why he didn’t use high kicks his kicks are soo fast it hard to catch them when they are flying up teeps are fast too

  32. i’ve been watching and re-watching this fight. i think there are three possible reasons buakaw didn’t kick. in order of probability they are:

    1. buakaw and team realized that the only way they would get past masato in the home crowd would be by KO. the chances of KO-ing masato by punching is much higher than KO by kicking. (has buakaw ever KO’ed anyone by kicking?)

    2. buakaw really over-estimated his boxing calibre or underestimated masato’s

    3. kicking takes a lot more energy and buakaw thought he might need that for later fights and was saving it. but buakaw is a natural kicker and being a muay thai marathon champion has plenty of where those come from.

    anyway. bad or no strategy from buakaw’s side. excellent show of strategy, technique, speed and spirit from masato’s. the best man won.

  33. Your absolutely correct everyone!, Buakaw was paid off. No im just kidding hehe, I sense a conspiracy theory!?. Its obviously as plain as day how the Japanese reacted to Masato that they were extremely bias against BPP and wouldn’t have it any other way. If i would rate the tournament in who had the best BOXING/Hands then
    #3-Mike Zambidis
    #4-Artur Kyshenko
    #5-Albert Kraus
    #7-Gago Drago

    and best legs in K1 Max
    #1-BUAKAW…thats it!
    so if this is the case and as smart a fighter Buakaw is, then why did he trade punches with Masato!!!???. Personally i think the Japs took Buakaw in a black room said a few words and he came out a loser. If my ratings are not in sync with yours then please post your opinion.

  34. Buakaw wasnt paid off, he just blew it. Period.
    Want reasons…ok.
    Deimian…..come on man. I dont know what your background is and Im not trying to start anything silly here, but its OBVIOUS Masatos boxing improved. But lets say, just for the fun of it that thats not true (but it is). Ok.
    1. This fight Masato was fresh. the last fight with Buakaw he has heavily damaged and ried before the fight. thats a BIG BIG difference.
    2. Masato adopted NEW training systems and by that I mean sparring AND conditioning. HEY I KNOW everyone on this blog LOVES THAILAND and OLD SCHOOL…but didnt NOP post a blog lately about how those OLD schools ideas sometimes miss some vital points? YES THEY DO. Masato is using the latest methods….from THAILAND OR ANYPLACE ELSE. he has BEEN TO THAILAND. he has TRAINED there. HE has a THAI COACH. He has sparred for YEARS with thai CHAMPIONS. Its nothing new.
    3. buakaws boxing is just not so great. Its a fairly new thing for him. I think the best boxers in Max are Masato and Klaus. I know I know alot of you like Souwer for this, but I think Souwer owes more to strategy and stamina rather than his straight boxing skill. BPP is using a MUAY THAI boxing style, single big shots or 1,2s….Masatos throwing big 3s and 4s…punches in bunches. Just better boxing.

    Basically I think Buakaw ran into a much more FRESH, much more CONDITIONED and DAMN HUNGRY Masato and he was surprised. I genuinly believe that.

    Also, I hate to break it to you guys but Buakaw has Lost plenty in THAILAND. Guys that BEAT Buakaw have helped Masato train here in Japan.

    Nobody is perfect, nobody is unstoppable…and Buakaw learned that first hand.

    Andy Souwer…he got lucky. He had the easy road (relatively speaking) and Masato got hurt. oh well.

    I think its clear the stars of this Max were MASATO and the FORMER CHAMP Buakaw….

  35. Ok, Buakaw needs motivation. Similar event happened in 2005 when he was also defending a title, when fighting with Souwer. He lacked motivation.
    Beside that, his fights this year were simply lame and I personally think that he came in over-confident. Trying to outbox Masato and not using his legs? Wth!? I hope, he got motivation now, because I really want to see the old muay-thai fighters with best leg work. That’s why we love him so much, aren’t we.
    Btw, hands down to Souwer.

  36. Well Mrblackmagic…
    Souwer wasn’t lucky. Didn’t he beat Masato this and last year? Dont’ forget that last year he was battered and not Masato, but still won.
    I think Souwer proved that he is a true champion. Being two-time champion, you don’t need just luck.

    Regarding Buakaw I agree. He was over-confident and underestimated Masato. I would like to add that he needs motivation… bingo, now he has it!
    Haha, K1 MAX is getting better and better.

  37. Come on…he DID get lucky.
    He started off with a RELATIVELY soft match. thats luck.
    Im not saying he isnt a great fighter….but I think had he met Masato fresh early on and IF MASATO was as hungry to fight him as he was Buakaw (I doubt that. I think alot of Masatos motivation wasnt the tourny but Buakaw himself) then he would have had trouble early.

  38. Have to agree with Masato’s motivation… to beat Buakaw, who totally embarrassed him in 2004, giving Masato facial reconstruction, broke a rib, spend a night in hospital urinating blood.

    About Souwer… well, he beat Masato last year and he was very, very battered from the fight with Virgil. As I see it, he just know how to handle Masato. Cheers

  39. Fresh had nothing to do with it
    because in 2004 everyone has matches it depends how goodand tough you are to be able to with stand hits i bet you buakaw if u took those shots would be the same masato hasn’t improve jack shit watch 2004 2005 and even 2006 if he improved he would have beaten souwer this year was worse than last year

    buakaw had bad planning thats just about it. if masato actually made improvements he would have won the champ this year

    funny how no one is talking about souwer being the best lol

    anyways souwer would take masato down even next year if he is still around
    lol i don’t get it about this thing called fresh all fighters have to fight the same amount it would just be an excuse to claim coming out fresh

    2004 masato gave buakaw everything he had he didn’t even look tired he just looked phases by buakaw teeps and high kicks those were serious hits

  40. I agree with Mrblackmagic, It seem to me as if Masato didnt really care about winning the Tournament in the end. Im sure he just wanted to redeem himself from the embarrassing beat down he got in 2004.

  41. -Buakaw’s high kick did connect, infact, it hits masato’s neck.
    -the knockdown was lucky for masato. Buakaw got caught by masato’s punch when Buakaw was off balanced.
    -yes, masato caught buakaw with many punches, but buakaw also connect MANY clean low kicks to masato.
    -buakaw missed many punches. Buakaw can punch very hard, but his skills aren’t that great(especially when you compare it to masato)
    -masato has the whole crowd behind him.
    -masato pushed the tempo and forced buakaw to fight masato with punches.
    -buakaw figured the only way to beat masato is to knock masato down. He failed.
    -buakaw threw like 2 or 3 high kicks..why? we’ll have to ask buakaw
    -the knockdown turn the favor to masato. buakaw knew that he is behind in points and became too anxious to knock masato out.

  42. What is this about 2004?
    Yes, Buakaw won, he threw more kicks…but go back and watch that event, Buakaw had a much easier road than Masato. Masato came into the fight HEAVILY DAMAGED.
    And to say being FRESH isnt important is….well I dont know. Obviously being fresh is hugely important. It means you have max power, max endurance so of course that was a big factor.
    Buakaw fought a Masato he was not prepared for.
    Thats it. It wasnt luck. Buakaw just wasnt prepared.

  43. what? i didn’t say it was luck buakaw didn’t use his arsenals like he did in 2004 2005 2006

    hmmmm masato i remembe rin 2004 was pretty fucking fast he just improve his timing and coordination in his punches making them faster than wha thtey appeared

    had a easier road? more like he finished off everyone faster JWP he had a hard time wiht cus he was tough gave buakaw a run for his money.

    the only person that left masato bruised and broken was literally buakaw other than that each fighter had to use the same amount of opponents

  44. Nemo, there’s another thing.
    After reading post interviews it’s obvious that Masato was preparing only for Buakaw, to be avenged. Buakaw wanted to adopt Masato’s style, but he absorbed too many puches, etc… Masato also stated that he wanted to quit after 1st fight, while Buakaw was set for the whole tournament. There’s a huge mental difference. But it worked for Masato and that what counts.

  45. BPP has all talents as an ultimate fighter.I believe he got injury in his feet-that is why you didn’t see him use his kicks.BBP is salted enough to know the right way to win.

  46. Buakaw got too cocky this year. In the beginning of the fight, he was doing alright and could of won if he kept that up. But he had to be stupid and get into a boxing match with Masato.
    Masota this year improved in power, combination, and quickness. He has one weakness though. That is he cant take alot of kick to the leg. In the beginning buakaw kept kicking his legs and , you can see masato was hurt and couldnt use his legs. Buakaw should of taken advantage of that since now masato can only punch.
    Masato’s punch is whats deadly. And Buakaw made a terrible choice to box wiith him.
    Buakaw is still weak in terms of boxing skills. If he is going to improve his boxing skills, he needs a better boxing coach like from a western country.
    If he can onlly work with Mike Tyson, he can improve alot. The way he box has alot of flaws that opponents can go in and knock him out.
    As for his kick boxing skills, its good but I dont know why hes not using it.
    Buakaw clearly lost from over confident and made a bad choice to box with masato.
    He could of won. So sad.

  47. Sammy, you’re wrong.
    I wish it was true. Buakaw wasn’t hurt, he was confused after a down and after absorbing so many puches he also forgot to use combinations in the 3rd round. Check the post-fight interview, he stated all the above. He wasn’t prepared good enough and he lost. Masato on the other hand prepared himself only to fight with Buakaw, that was his achievement and he won. I think Buakaw is much better, but he lost, like every fighter loses from time to time.

  48. Buakaw is not just a normal fighter, he is one of the best and it is great to see him kicking Japanese asses in K-1. :)

    I love Yodsanklai and would love to see him kicking some more Japanese asses in K-1. ;)

  49. ya i know don’t call him a normal fighter the man is versatile in technique and strength

    no thai fighter comes into k1 fighting like him no fighter all together not even souwer

    man everyone loses so what if u know the people he loses to in thailand u think the people that beat ALI are called legends compared to him

  50. I don’t think Buakaw is just a ‘normal’ Thai fighter. He’s up there with the best.

    That being said, I think many of his fans over rate his ability. My coach thinks he’s a God!

    But Buakaw has weaknesses (as Masato clearly showed).

    I hope he learns from this fight with Masato and comes back next year even better . . .

  51. of course he isn’t god everyone loses he was too cocky overall of course he has weaknesses

    his weakness is obviously his boxing trying to match up with masato. that should have been his secondary weapon but not his primary

  52. It was said couple of times, that Masato was very motivated to beat Buakaw and was mentally more prepared. Also Masato had only a goal only to beat Buakaw and that’s why he lost… beside bad luck of course.

  53. Buakaw fights since very very young, that’s how he has collected some losses in thailand, but he has won almost 400 matches too, that’s a lot. K1 rules are completelly different from muay thay’s, a different sport, and not all thai fighters easily adapt to it.

    Buakaw is a motherfucked, he gets punched a lot but still stands up. His motivation was much lower than Masato’s. Masato was very determined but got hurt to leg at the 1st fight, that’s why souwer easily.

    I’ve got the suspect buakaw has been paid off, has been too passive. Anyhow, he’ll surely come back stonger than ever.

  54. interesting and colorful language, but I love buakaw and he is my favorite fighter without a doubt. but this was the first itme I can say he lost.
    that I have seen.
    masato did his best buakaw did not.
    masato I think will never fight him again
    and buakaw will regret this loss I predict cause he will never get a chance to avenge it.
    he will have to take his fustration out on the other guys.
    Oh well

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